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Cardi B Wins Paris Fashion Week With Her Boldest Look Yet

Cardi B is not terrified of slipping to the most experimental bits artists have to give. Recall her short obsession with all archival Mugler, such as the feathery couture outfit in the tag’s Fall 1995 collection she wore to play at this year’s Grammys? Nothing is off limits to the fashion-obsessed rapper. No dress overly flashy or extravagant! And this is especially true this week: Cardi hit the Spring up shows in Paris this weekend, stepping up her fashion game even farther in the procedure: she had been seen wearing her boldest look however.



Staging an impromptu photo shoot before the Eiffel Tower, Cardi hit the roads at a head-to-toe outfit by Richard Quinn–at leastwe believe that is Cardi. “I am here to serve it to you chilly,” she explained of this appearance, crossing the road in her uploaded Instagram video. “Ensure a car do not hit me, as a bitch can not see.”

The exact directional appearance is by the English designer Fall 2019 collection, just as it looked on the runway. Quinn has made florals his signature though his appearances are barely for wallflowers. Her cover was blown off.


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