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Ellen DeGeneres explains hanging out with her best friend George W. Bush

Ellen DeGeneres won’t be Twitter-shamed for that spends some time with.
The daytime-talk-show-host-turned-media-mogul utilized the stage Monday night to talk about hanging out with former President George W. Bush this weekend in a Dallas Cowboys football game.
There was a bit of an uproar once the pair were seen — followed by Bush’s wife Laura and Degeneres’ wife, actress Portia de Rossi — at a stadium package enjoying the Cowboys carrying about the Green Bay Packers on Sunday (that the Cowboys dropped, btw) at Dallas.

DeGeneres utilized her Twitter accounts to deal with the controversy, tweeting a movie of her nearly 4 minute-long monologue speaking about it on her show.
Noting it is usually not uncommon for a celeb to attend a sporting event, it was a big deal for her to be viewed because, she joked,”I never leave my property.”

“So Portia and I had been encouraged by Charlotte Jones,” DeGeneres said. “She is the girl of Jerry Jones, who possesses the Dallas Cowboys. And we moved because we needed to keep up with the Joneses.”
She then showed the audience a movie she’d shot at the match which revealed her sitting with President Bush.

DeGeneres then joked about rooting for the Packers because she’s buddies with their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and cheering whenever they scored”or each time the other whistleblower arrived forward.”
“The referees, you men, the referees,” she informed her giggling crowd.
She also then dealt with the criticism she faced due to being viewed laughing with Bush, stating”People were angry.”

“They believed, why is a homosexual Hollywood liberal sitting near a conservative Republican president” DeGeneres asked” A good deal of folks were mad. Plus they did exactly what people do when they are upset… they converse.”
But rather than sharing a number of those unwanted tweets geared toward her, DeGeneres shared one that said”Ellen and George Bush collectively make me have religion in the usa again.”

“Exactly. Here is the thing. I am friends with George Bush,” she explained. “In reality, I am friends with a great deal of individuals who do not share the very same beliefs that I have.”

DeGeneres said she thinks people have forgotten that we’re all different and that’s OK.
The prior vegan used the illustration of how she does not approve of fur, but remains friends with people who do.

“But only because I do not agree with a person on what does not indicate that I am not likely to be friends together,” she explained. “When I say,’be kind to one another,’ I do not just mean the people who think exactly the exact same way you do. I mean being type to everybody.”

The Bushes, it appears, feel exactly the same.

“President and Mrs. Bush enjoyed being with Ellen and Portia, and they valued Ellen’s remarks about respecting one another. They honor her,” Freddy Ford, Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, said in a statement to CNN.
Bush was a guest on”The Ellen DeGeneres Show” at 2017.

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