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Has Travis Scott Been Cheating On Kylie Jenner With THIS Sexy Girl?? See The Evidence Now!

The girl behind the controversy speaks out and DENIES having a affair with Travis!

Lately, @yungsweetro allegedly wrote an answer on IG Story — that was circulating online.

She wrote:

“Not one of those rumors are accurate, it is only the internet developing a false story. Please, stop spreading lies leave him, I & her alone since it is affecting lives. Thank you”

Has Travis Scott Been Cheating On Kylie Jenner With THIS Girl?? See The Evidence!

Is THIS the Reason Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are now not collectively?

About Thursday, the Life of Kylie celebrity affirmed her split out of the Sicko Mode rapper by declaring,”Travis and I ‘ are on good terms and our primary focus right now is [girl ] Stormi [Webster]… our friendship and our daughter isarera priority

But on Tuesday, Twitter consumer, @hotgirldegu, found evidence that might explain their separation. The tweet :

“Travis was together with his negative chick for ages. Meanwhile yaallere yelling’goals’ in him and Kylie”

From the article, the enthusiast published a March 10, 2018 Instagram pic in the artist, along with a March 11, 2018 IG snap out of a woman known only as @yungsweetro at which both seem to be in a similar snowy site.

Has Travis Scott Been Cheating On Kylie Jenner With THIS Girl?? See The Evidence!

The writer also shared two older photographs in @yungsweetro’s IG webpage Where it seems the girl in question has understood the musician because 2013.

It seems the alleged unwanted piece has understood Travis because 2013. / (c) @yungsweetro/ / Instagram through @hotgirldegu/Twitter

From the pic in 2013, the woman describes Scott as”the homie.”


On Thursday, another Twitter user posted an alleged selfie out of @yungsweetro’s webpage at which a pair of shoes are observed in the backdrop. Within another pic, Scott wears stated footwear!

Although the alleged mistress’ page is set to personal, a socialedia User allegedly posted among her IG Stories — in which she moans Kylie blocks and unblocks her many times per day.

Back in February of the year, TMZ composed the Kylie Makeup Founder attracted up”proof” of cheating if Scott flew out of the East Coast to Los Angeles to surprise her and their daughter.

Following the play, Scott supposedly postponed his concert at Buffalo.

In reply , His rep”ardently” denied the rumors said”why he stayed home out of his series [that night] was really much due to sickness.”

As per a Individuals insider in March, Kylie allegedly became insecure in her relationship due to reports ex-BFF Jordyn Woods supposedly had an affair with Khloé Kardashian’s now-ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

Because of this, the billionaire allegedly accused her guy of infidelity after viewing something noteworthy on his mobile phone.

The source shown at the time:

“Kylie Had a tough week. She’s still devastated about Jordyn and had a disagreement with Travis afterwards she checked his phone and saw something which she did not like. … However, Travis says he did not deceive.”

“only to prove his loyalty” to Kylie, Travis deleted his IG accounts , per TMZ sources. But, his webpage is presently active.

The Publication also stated Jenner allegedly found”some” of what she’s believed to be”too friendly” direct communications between him and many women with whom he had been texting IG.

Is @yungsweetro supporting all this play??














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