Fantastic Ideas To Up The Romance On A Perfectly ‘Imperfect’ Date With An Escort 

Date with an escort

You have just found your perfect match on an escort website and are all set for your first date with her. C’mon, there’s nothing to feel guilty about it! It’s a basic man instinct – single or in a relationship, married or not, every man wishes to be with someone else to freshen things up between the humdrum of their daily lives.

Often, it is the loneliness they want to cure. At times, FOMO (the fear of missing out) creeps in and you’d just want to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women.

So, even if you think it is morally imperfect, it is perfectly okay to date an escort. After all, nothing can beat the temptation of having the company of an elegant and smart woman!! If we have got this right, this is the first time you are about to date an escort – or you have miserably failed on your earlier dates.

Whatever the reasons, this article will help you have a wonderful date that you will cherish forever.

10 Incredible Ways to Make Your Date Memorable

Make Your Date Memorable

Escort services do not have to be clichéd, like having dinner together and then making love. You can make your date one-of-a-kind with these fantastic ideas. We also have some secret tips that will make you her favorite client!! Let’s check out.

Explore Your Hometown Like You’re Seeing It New

Imagine you two playing tourists in your own city. Sounds interesting, right? Hit up the must-see attractions and local landmarks with fresh eyes and you will end up loving your hometown like never before.

Who knows, even she can take you to some of the hotspots that you have never visited!!

Set Off on a Not-So-Common Bike Ride

Showing off your lavish car on your date with a high-class escort isn’t so cool. For a one-of-a-kind experience, take her on a bike ride.

You can rent a bike and go off to romantic places you haven’t visited before. The coziness you share on a bike will help you up the romance between you two.

Set Your Own Dinner Table

You can ditch visiting an expensive restaurant and rather set your own romantic meal to impress her on a date. Find a cozy place and buy some cheese and wine.

Set a table, light some candles, and you are all ready for a lovely meal. To spice things up, get in some jazz or classical music.

Book a Cooking Class

Cooking Class Date

Cooking classes can be exceptionally fun. And the excitement doubles when you have a gorgeous woman to accompany you!

Together you can learn something new and interesting – a shared memory that you will cherish for a long time. This way you can get close to her and know her better.

And you can always use the old tricks to win her heart – say she gets dirt on her face while cooking and you remove it gently. You never know what will happen next!!

Soak up the Sun

Hello Spring!! It is the best time to hit the beach and catch some rays with a stunning lady accompanying you. Sugar-kissed sand, sea, surf, and lots of skin – we dare you to come up with a more romantic dating idea than this!

Take Her on a Picnic

We often forget that escorts are real women with their own likes and dislikes. They do not always want to be talked dirty.

Often they miss the romanticism in a relationship – the cute cuddles, romantic sunrises, talking their heart out, etc. This is your time to tickle the ‘romantic’ in her and make your date most special.

Nothing much – simply grab a blanket, some fresh juice, and quick munchies for a perfect picnic experience. Trust us, she will absolutely love it!

A Private Boat Ride Can be Super Romantic

If you are rolling in dough, there is no reason why you wouldn’t take your date on a private boat ride.

Be it on a cozy island or her dream city, you can invite a high-class escort to accompany you on a boat trip. Arrange a dinner overlooking nature’s beauty or city lights, cook up a meal together, play a game, and later you can enjoy some private time together.

How About a Casino Night?

A typical scene in any casino – filthy rich people being accompanied by beautiful ladies as they try their luck in the casino.

You see and you sigh. Not anymore! This is your chance to hit the casino with a drop-dead gorgeous and end the night with some fantastic memories. Who knows? She can bring her luck to you!

Enjoy a Spa Night…Not in a Spa


Get some massage oil, manicure-pedicure kits, and face masks – and you are all set for a romantic spa night with your date.

Take turns as you pamper each other, talking about the coming weekend or your interests. It is a good way to improve your bond while relaxing and unwinding all your way.

Play Fun Table Games

Choose any exciting table game and get to know your date closely as conversation follows naturally. This is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. After all, who would have guessed playing table games with an escort on a date!!

Secret Tip: Bring Her a Gift or Wine on Your Date

Escorts love it when you make them feel special. So, do not forget to grab two glasses and a bottle of her favorite wine.

It will help you both relax and get comfortable with each other. If you want to gift her something, gift certificates can be a safe bet.

You can also gift her luxury perfumes, jewelry, etc., and treat her like your girlfriend. Take our words – you will become their favorite client in no time!

Summing Up

Escort Date

There are endless ways you can spice up your romantic date with an escort and create memorable experiences. All you have to do is think out of the box and plan something that isn’t mundane.

If needed, you can also ask her for some unique dating ideas. Make sure you stay safe on your date by hiring a professional escort from reputable websites like