Some of the Easiest Craps Bets To Consider


Craps is one of the most-played dice games in the world and has been a staple game found on casino floors for decades. It’s one game many choose to enhance their overall experience in casino games.  It’s received plenty of renewed interest since it became an often-played favorite at online casinos and gaming platforms. Anyone who has never played before may find it an intimidating game at first glance, thanks to the multitude of bets and the game’s rather complex layout.

However, once you get a grasp on the many different bets available, you’ll quickly discover that the game of craps allows players of all skill levels and financial backgrounds a chance to play. This versatility ensures it is well-suited for almost every type of player and is ideal for those who are willing to take a chance.

Overall, craps is a high-energy, risk-appetite-specific game that everyone can easily learn. Once you’ve mastered the basic bets below, you’ll be well on your way to placing bets like a pro and enjoying the thrilling aspects of the game up close and personal.

The Most Common Craps Bets For Newcomers


When it comes to the most common first-timer bets around, you’ll find two quickly stand out as the most used. The Pass Line bet, and the Don’t Pass line bet. They are followed closely by Come bets and Don’t Come bets. These bets are done by the person whose turn it is to roll the dice, aka the ‘shooter’.

  • Pass Line Bet

The Pass Line bet is embraced for its simplicity and widespread popularity, as all it involves is placing your chips on the designated “Pass Line” area before the shooter initiates the first roll, known as the come-out roll. A roll of 7 or 11 results in an even-money win, while 2, 3, or 12 leads to a loss. Any other number establishes the “point,” with additional rolls determining the outcome for Pass Line bettors.

  • Don’t Pass Line Bet

Positioned as the opposite of the Pas s Line bet, success in the Don’t Pass Line bet hinges on the come-out roll yielding a 2 or 3 (with 12 typically resulting in a push or tie). However, if a 7 or 11 appears this automatically spells defeat. If a point is set, then victory will have the shooter rolling a 7 before achieving the point number again. This frames it as a wager against the shooter.

  • Come Bet

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Very similar in form to the Pass Line bet but is used only in the post-establishment of the point. As such, the Come Bet will win if there is a 7 or 11 that turns up and will fail should there be a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number that appears becomes the come point, with success depending entirely on its reappearance before the number 7 is rolled.

  • Don’t Come Bet

Using the same mechanics as the Come Bet above, but aligned against the shooter, the Don’t Come bet will do well on a 2 or a 3 and will lose if there is a 7 or 11. The Don’t Come bet will also tie if there is a 12 that is rolled. For the better, should a point be established, a victory will be made if there is a 7 preceding the come point.

More Advanced Craps Bets

Once you’re comfortable understanding the rules and ways in which to use the above four bets, it’s time to expand the types of bets you use and get comfortable making at a craps table. This is where place bets, field bets, and proposition bets, come in. Once you’ve mastered these new bets, you’ll be able to have an array of bets that you can confidently play, and understand, when you next play craps.

  • Place Bets

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Place bets are ones in which players can wager on specific numbers appearing before a 7 is rolled. These numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. As such, Place Bets involve directly positioning your wager, the chips, on the desired numbers you’ll be betting on. Each of these numbers has distinct payout odds which are different thanks to the many types of casino variations that are used. Read up on your specific casino’s terms and conditions, and how they offer payout ratios, to understand the precise payout options you can expect.

  • Field Bet

The Field bet is an easy bet to make and hinges on the success of a single number. In short, they’re a one-roll bet that will win outright on the immediate roll of a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Payouts for these bets normally will mirror Even Money for 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11, and, they have 2:1 odds given for the numbers 2 and 12. However, the precise payout structures may differ from this for you, depending on the casino and variant being played.

  • Proposition Bets

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Another easy wager to make for players is a Proposition Bet. Proposition Bets represent one-roll bets on specific outcomes, such as the subsequent roll producing a 7 or achieving a predetermined total, proposition bets carry elevated house edges and are regarded as riskier alternatives to conventional bets.

Understanding the diverse craps bets empowers players at Lucky Creek and other casinos to set their bankroll to match the bet they wish to make. All while creating tailored strategies that match their preferred betting style. Of course, the risk thresholds they feel comfortable making also play a part, but in craps, there’s a bet for every type of risk appetite.

So regardless of whether it is the simplicity of the Pass Line bet you enjoy using, or you’re more drawn in by the odds of the Field Bet or of Proposition Bets, the dice game of craps fully encompasses a whole host of different gaming styles. So next time you consider approaching the craps table or logging into a local game at your favorite online casino, make use of the knowledge gained above and the many different types of craps bets available. Place your wager, watch the dice roll, and as always, here’s hoping that the dice may ever roll in your favor.