How Technology Has Impacted Casino Slots


Slot games- Old reliable

One of the old-time casino favorites has to be the slot machines. They are one of the least expensive games to play at any casino, as long as you do not get too carried away. The bright lights, flashing lights and exciting sounds have always been so aesthetically appealing to casino players everywhere, and it is no wonder why.

However, times are changing, and while technology affects every other aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive, to how we watch movies and television shows, it is also affecting the casino industry.

With the rise of technology, casinos are more than ever appearing online, and land-based casinos are having to give in to how much people prefer to gamble from their couch in their lazy clothes, instead of getting all dressed up and calling a taxi to take them to their local.

What we want to know is not only how has technology changed the world of casinos, but what impact has it had on slots themselves. Before technology ran rampant in our world, slots were found everywhere; hotels, bars, clubs, and even some restaurants. But now, we do not see them in these places so often. Is it possible that slot machines are not as everywhere as they used to be because we are carrying them around in our pockets?

Technology is not the end of casinos and slots, it is just the beginning of a whole new type of slots. Check out and see what we mean, discover the exciting world of technology and slots working as one.


Mobile phone and apps Vs betting and gambling

Once upon a time, the idea of gambling felt very James Bond. Walk into a casino wearing your most elegant finery, grab a martini and check your luck on the casino floor. But now, it’s every man’s game, you do not need to be Bond, actually, you do not even need to live near a casino anymore. You can gamble from anywhere if you really want to.

By the turn of the century, bookmaking firms started to realize the potential that the internet had for gambling and in 2012 the revenue from online gambling was estimated to be around $4,000,000,000! Only three years later had that number increased by tenfold!

How has this happened? It’s not just the internet, but the accessibility and ease of mobile phones. You can do anything from anywhere from your mobile phone? If you wanted to, you could play a game of poker on the bus, take a bet at roulette from the bath, or even play a game of craps while skiing down the alps. (Although we do not recommend that last one- sounds dangerous.)

The point is that technology has made gambling so easy, anyone can do it from anywhere and so the industry had a boom, all thanks to the advances in technology.


Technology Vs Casinos

You might be inclined to believe that the rise of technology would be the end of land-based casinos, but that is not strictly true. While online casinos make it easier for you to gamble from your couch, bath, or wherever you want, it lacks the atmosphere and aesthetic that we love from land-based casinos. The noise, the bright lights, the unique sounds, and the experience of standing on the casino floor.

Land-based casinos are not being totally wiped out by the technological boom, instead what is happening is online casinos are cropping up all over the place to accommodate gamblers who would much rather play poker in their pajamas.

What does this mean for slots, though? Sure everyone knows about online poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and so on… but slots? How can you play slots online? Well you can.



What is the difference between online slots and land-based slots?

Slots are, by far, one of the most popular gambling games to be found on any casino floor. Back in the days before technology, you might have to fight to grab a seat at one. They are quick, and simple, unlike the more complex casino options.

Yet, they have not been left behind. Slot machines also moved online with the rest of the casino floor. What result did this have? They became even more popular than before.

There are plenty who will still argue that online slots are just not the same as the physical thing, and we cannot counter-argue that, there’s nothing quite like the noise, colors and aesthetic of a physical machine.

Most of these games would involve pulling a lever or pressing a button after you insert the coin, the reels will start spinning, and you would wait to see if you win. How are these different online? Honestly, they really aren’t all that different.


The only real difference between online slots and physical slots is the same as all other casino games, you can play whenever you want and wherever you want. Of course, you do not use physical money to play the slots, you instead have to put money from your bank into your casino account to play.

Slots would always offer a bit of a party feeling, their lights, that trilling sound, and the hype they offered the casino floor gives you that feel-good vibe. You still get that at land-based casinos, however, the ambience is lacking when you play online. You’’ still see the reels spin with heightened modern day graphics, and you will usually get the sound that they offer too. But, it just is not the same.

One thing that technology really has done for slots is variety. No matter which type of slot is your favorite, you won’t have to go looking everywhere to find it, there will be countless games at your disposal online, and you won’t have to search very far to find your favorite slot.

You can find so many options, more than you will find in most casinos. They also offer five-reel, or three-reel slots too, you could even get six or seven-reel ones too! These can have over 50 paylines. The opportunities are endless.

So, what has technology done to the slot machine gambling game? It’s just made it more available and with more options!