Top 7 Best Pet Lizards For Beginners – 2024 Guide

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When it comes to choosing lizards for adoption, there are at least 6000 varieties spread over various continents. Now not all fit for keeping as pets, but many lizards are there which need less maintenance and thus, those who are new to pet keeping, can manage to take care of such lizards.

When it comes to the looks of the lizards, most of them are quite exotic. Their habits and behavior are pretty different from each other, and probable owners need to know a lot of things related to their daily life to keep them safe and healthy.

Which is the easiest lizard to keep?

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Leopard geckos are the most easily managed lizard so when someone needs an easy pet to keep at home they can easily get one. They have certain requirements regarding the terrarium like the proper heating, diet and substrate. They do not even need specific lighting in their habitat. But if you can arrange for a proper atmosphere within the terrarium then the leopard gecko will be living happily in captivated life and will keep you in good company for years to come.

Which lizard is the friendliest of them all?

This is a fun fact to know that lizards can be friendly too. Though they do not express their emotions or attachment in the general way. But their owner can be encouraged to know that the lizards like bearded dragon and crested gecko are very friendly and can be conversed or communicated with. These lizard groups are very friendly and act calmly when petted.

Which lizard is the cheapest to get?

For the beginners, it is not ideal to buy a costly and unique lizard which needs high maintenance and care. Rather an affordable lizard with easy habitat setting will be ideal for him or her. The cost for setting up the habitat is required but that will be a one time investment as that will not be repeated when the lizard will grow up.

Now we can mention a few pet lizard categories which are suitable for the beginner level.

1. Crested gecko

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This creature is native to the place called Caledonia which is near Australia. They look really cute with their eyelashes, an innovative feature among the lizards. Though these are not truly eyelashes but these are actually spines which they have through their tail. They come with webbed feet with the help of which they can climb the trees like many other reptiles.

They are pretty calm in nature and never bite. So you can pet it and handle it, though too much handling is always unhealthy for the pets. They are nocturnal creatures and do not need any light to define day and night cycles in their terrarium.

2. Ackies Monitor

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Yet another from the Australian origin, this reptile looks pretty similar to the Komodo dragon, though much smaller. They only grow up to 30 inches and become a docile and calm pet for the beginners. So you should not be afraid of the intimidating figure and size of this lizard. They are long living creatures and will live up to 20 years. So you can get their company for a long period of time.

3. Leopard gecko

This is probably the most popular lizard which is adopted nowadays. They have dark brown patches on their body and that is the reason for their name, as these spots are also found on the leopards as well. Like other lizards, this one too is nocturnal. They sometimes utter some sound when they feel hungry.

They do not climb up the trees as they do not have the feet ready for such activities. But they roam a lot on the ground, so a spacious tank will be ideal for them. They also can live up to 15 years and thus will be your friend for a good length of time.

4. Iguana

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This lizard looks cute and can be befriended much easily. Their name describes their look pretty much, as they have thick and fat tails which are as long as the rest of the body part.

This fat is used when they are starving or going for days without food, so it not only adds to their toy-like look but also acts as a survival mechanism. Iguanas are popular among pets. Lovers. Although, they would require good care such as considerable tank size, diet and heat for their habitats which you can see by clicking here.

5. Blue tongued skink

This one is a large sized lizard but that should not repulse the beginners from adopting it. They are a favorite pet of many reptile lovers. Their unique factor is their blue colored tongue, which is distinctive and specifically explains their name.

They should have some variety in their diet, as they do not prefer to eat the same food every day. Their habitat should have some soft substrate as they love to dig and stay inside the burrow.

6. Argentine black and white Tegu

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This is another large creature from the lizard family but they are happy to be handled and do not freak out during petting. You can keep this lizard at home as they are pretty docile and will not act aggressively.

They need large space to be kept so if you have a spacious house and a backyard then only you can think of keeping it. At the mature age they become 4 feet long. They are pretty well accustomed to their captive lives and seek the company of their owner.

7. Green anole

The bright green and red color combination is the most attractive part of this lizard. They are quite small creatures with a long and exquisite tail. A spacious home is needed for their upbringing. So you must arrange for a 20 gallon terrarium to keep this lizard.

You need to keep a few live plants inside their terrarium as they need the atmosphere to be green and lively. Also they tend to climb up on the branches and get hidden for some part of the day. heating, lighting and humidity requirements will be regular so you need not to have to worry much about these factors.