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Maren Morris removes all of her son’s pictures from Instagram. Know why.

A famous country star Maren Morris has deleted all the photos of her three months old son from Instagram. This is all happened after a mom-shaming controversy took place. In the initial time of controversy, she said that from now on, she would not post any photo with her son.

Why did mom-shaming controversy happen with Maren Morris?

Well, this is all started earlier this week, when Maren Morris posted a photo with Hayes. In that photo, She was sitting in a golf cart float on a lake with Hayes. Maren Morris and Hayes were wearing the same suit, and she was holding a beer can. After posting a photo on Twitter and Instagram, one fan asked that, “where the life jacket is?” And then it caught the controversy.

Many people criticized her for holding a beer cane with her small son in the water. And many fans criticized her for the safety of her son. But it caught the worst situation that her husband Ryan Hurd tweeted in the favor of Maren Morris.

He also added that “Hayes has two coast guard approved life jackets that he wears. Also, sometimes moms have a drink, and homegirl earned it.”

After all this, Maren Morris said that “Honestly, I get so many criticisms of my motherhood on anything I post of Hayes, so I may just discontinue posting photos of him. Sucks, but it’s kind of where I’m at.”

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If we look at the personal life of her then 30 years old, Maren Morris is an American singer, songwriter, and song producer. She married in 2018 with an American Singer named Ryan Hurd. Recently, they had a baby boy named Hayes in the current pandemic situation of coronavirus. Just after giving birth to a baby boy, she said that “We’re really lucky to just be here learning how to be a family of three, and it’s been an amazing time in our lives.”

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