Ahiru no Sora Episode 48

Ahiru no Sora Episode 48
Ahiru no Sora: Poster

Ahiru No Sora is one of the trending anime streaming currently. This sports anime has never failed to impress its viewers. Ahiru no Sora is not just only limited to basketball and sports but is much more than that. The anime gives us a tour of emotional aspects as well as going in the life of people, which makes it different from other sports anime.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 48
Ahiru no Sora

If you haven’t yet started watching this show, I suggest this is the right time. Utilize this lockdown and leisure time to watch it. Ahiru No Sora is something you don’t want to miss. For those who have been watching the anime regularly, this post is for you only. As we know, the upcoming 48th episode is ready to release this week. Hence, we brought you all the latest updates on the forthcoming episode.

Release Date: Ahiru No Sora Episode 48

The very first time the anime went on air was on the 2nd of October 2019. The primary season consists of a total of 51 episodes. Since its beginning, until now, it has streamed a total of 47 episodes. And 48th episode is next in the list.

The Episode 48 of Ahiru No Sora will release on the 16th of Septemeber, 2024, at 5:55 pm, as per JST. The anime follows a weekly schedule for the release of new episodes. Every Wednesday, a new episode is released. Before we proceed further onto any other updates regarding the upcoming episode. Let’s take a quick recap to what happened in the previous episode.

Recap: Episode 47

The 47th episode of the anime was titled “Sora the Duck”. The episode starts with the third quarter being on a break, and as soon as the referee blows the whistle. Yozan Kamiki from Yokahama gets excited to play against Sora. Yazan goes straight to his coach and asks for an opportunity to play on the court. The coach replies with the three things that are stopping him from letting Yazan go free.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 48
Ahiru no Sora

Finally, after loads of attempts, Yazan gets to play the 4th quarter. With him inside the court, he does his best to show everyone what he can do. Yazan plays like mon of Sora since he was her student before she passed away. The episode ends with the score on 88:60. Kuzu only has a few minutes left. 

Episode 48: Preview

A small preview for the upcoming episode pf Ahiru No Sora is available on youtube. The anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll and HiDive.

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