What’s Next for Wakfu : Possible Release Date of Season 4, Recap & Updates

The Cast of Wakfu

Fans are waiting for Wakfu Season 4 for some time now. Rumors has it that Season 4 will Premiere on April 2024, But Netflix is yet to confirm this news.

It is widely known that the 4th and 5th Season is on the list. The series is widely popular because of the quality of animation, storyline, perfect comedic timing, and emotionally charged script.

Fans are going wild to see their favorite couple back in action. They love to see Yugo and Amelia dynamic along with other excellent characters.


Spoilers Ahead:

With the way Season 3 ended, fans are more curious than ever to know what happened after Yugo and company find themselves in the realm of Gods, Inglorium, and Oropo has blown up the place, and Echo was there with him at that moment.

The Unanswered Questions – 

In Inglorium you could see the ruins present which arises too many questions for fans –
• Did Yugo and friends all died?
• Did Oropo managed to annihilate the whole universe?
• What happened after Yugo and friends reach Inglorium?
• What happened to Oropo and Echo?
• Are all the Gods mortal?
• Why were there ruins in Inglorium?

So many questions with so little answer. Too many controversies going on regarding the ending of Season 3 and the solution of all these are in Season 4.

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Wakfu’s History –

Wakfu is set in a mystical fantasy world, and it is animated as a series based on the video game Wakfu. This French is widely famous all over the world.

Originally the series was dubbed in three languages – French, Korean, and Vietnamese. Later on, it was dubbed in English after Ankama launched a campaign for it.

The show is basically about Yugo’s journey to find his family, who left him in a small village with a retired bounty hunter and getting rid of the evil from their beautifully mysterious world.

Yugo (Wakfu)

Yugo sets on the journey with his special powers. By the end of 2nd Season it is discovered that Yugo is the King of Eliatropes.


Why is it so popular –

Throughout the journey, the series is packed with superb actions and fight against the evil, along with discovering new places by Yugo and his friends. There are many emotionally charged scenes present.

The series hooks fans towards it like a moth towards the light. With so much drama, comedy, mystery, adventure, action, along with a superb script, it is no wonder that the series is one of the best in the world. It is also rated high by many sites.

What to expect in Season 4 –

Apart from getting all the answers that the fans are looking for, we can expect more action, a little bit of romance between our favorite characters, more mysteries, more quirks of Yugo and his friends, and precisely what happened to all the characters and Inglorium. The animation quality of Season 3 was second to none, so that we can look forward to epic animation along with the epic storyline.

After everything the series has taken the fans through, it can’t end like this. Fans all over the world are waiting for the next season as they will finally get the answers to the questions that troubled them for so long.