What Are Bollards Used For? Bollard Definitions And Types Of Bollards

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Finding the best way to control vehicular and foot traffic is vital to ensuring everyone using a particular road is safe. There are numerous tools that can achieve this purpose, but none does it better than bollard. These are sturdy boards placed at strategic points on the road to ensure a proper traffic flow. These bollards are ideal as they are very dynamic. You can use them in any position, from parking lots to biking paths, to block traffic and control it more effectively.

Bollard has come a long way from its historic design. Based on the products found on Crowd Control Company their design and use have changed a lot from what they were previously. In the beginning, bollards were used in the piers to control boats and ensure they docked safely. They also offered a place for people with canoes to tie them. They were also made from heavy materials, primarily from old canons that would be dug into the ground. Some are still in use in various piers, and they have continued to deliver seamless performance all through. It is through these many benefits that the use of bollards moved to the roads. These are, however, designed differently as they serve a different purpose from their original bollards.

Bollards used on the roads comprise a metal pole and a brightly colored bollard cover. They can be modified differently depending on whether they intend to block traffic or for use in bike paths. When designing the perfect bollard cover, it is vital to ensure they are as visible as possible, even at night.

Whare are bollard posts?

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A bollard is a steel pole structure that is installed in any desired position you intend to block traffic from or control the movement of people. Appropriate bollard covers are used on the poles, depending on where they are installed. The sturdiness of these bollard posts varies depending on where they are used. Those used in bike and human paths are less sturdy compared to those used to block traffic. These will prevent cars from ramming into buildings and ensures people and property is safe. There are numerous crash tests that are conducted on these bollard posts to ensure they meet the purpose they are intended to deliver.

Other less sturdy bollard posts also help to improve safety in their own way. They have bright bollard covers that improve visibility for long distances, ensuring drivers and pedestrians have a smooth path to follow.

Bollard covers

When bollards are installed into any place, they tend to result in a dull look. Although they are necessary for businesses, parking lots, and other places, they may create an uncomfortable feeling for the customers. Here is where the benefits of having a bollard cover come in. These are rubber-made items that are placed on the bollards to make them look bright and attractive. It improves visibility from long distances and ensures people feel more comfortable around them. A business can also use bollard covers for marketing purposes, ensuring they get more than just safety from them.

The bollard covers are very easy to install and can be moved from one bollard to another. They are very reliable to have and ensures you get the best in performance and reliability. You should have a bollard cover as they have numerous benefits to offer.

Primary uses of bollards

Bollards and bollard covers are an important tool to have to block traffic and ensure proper human movements. They offer numerous benefits that ensure you get the best performance from these tools. Here are some of the primary uses of bollards.

#1. Bollards can block traffic effectively

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It is vital to seclude various sections of roads and parking lots. This is a great way to use bollards. If there is an area you intend to block from traffic, bollards can be a lifesaver. They will ensure human, and vehicle traffic are well separated, ensuring everyone is safe. They can also be used to permanently demarcate paths meant for bikers, keeping them safe from vehicles. You can choose to either use surface or in-ground bollards depending on your needs.

#2. Bollards can bloc traffic temporarily

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In some instances, the traffic problem requires a fast and temporary solution. This can be witnessed especially in parking lots during sale days at the supermarket. Since this is a one-time thing, you don’t need a permanent solution. This is the best scenario to use temporary bollards. These are retractable bollards that can be put into different heights depending on the traffic volume. They can also be moved from one place to another, making them very reliable. These temporary bollards can also have custom-made bollard covers to use depending on the exact situation you intend to handle.

#3. Bollards for sending messages and raising awareness

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Some bollards are meant purposely for passing messages and raising specific awareness. Unlike conventional bollards, these are less sturdy as they are made from lightweight traffic. They are characterized by bright bollard covers that ensure proper visibility from long distances away. These bollards are reliable, and although they don’t block traffic as effectively, they can pass important messages as motorists and pedestrians pass through.

#4. Multi-purpose bollards

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Bollards are designed for use in different specific places. Some, however, offer additional functionalities that ensure proper visibility with built-in lights, bright bollard covers, and other components. These multi-purpose bollards are commonly used in bike paths and footpaths. These bollards can be placed in strategic places to ensure they deliver the best performance. These bollards ensure a safer traffic flow and keep various road users safe.


Bollards deliver the best and most reliable performance when you want to block traffic, or you want to keep people safe. These tools come in various forms and are designed to deliver safety and proper traffic management. When choosing a bollard or a bollard cover, it is vital to settle for one that will work best for you. Bollards are a great option to always have around.