Things to Remember When Choosing a Website to Gamble in the UK


The UK is one of the best places to gamble online. The legal age for playing casino games is 18 years. There are hundreds of operators to choose from and thousands of games to play. To spice up things, the government doesn’t tax gambling winnings.

Another benefit of gambling online in the UK is that casinos are mandated to protect you. They must keep your data securely, provide fair games and process your winnings quickly. That said, online gambling in the UK isn’t without its challenges.

Choosing the right casino from hundreds of options can be overwhelming. This guide provides helpful tips to keep in mind if you want to choose a reliable online casino.

A License from the UKGC is Compulsory


Online casinos in the UK come in all forms and shapes. But they’re united by one thing: they have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Established in 2007, the UKGC is responsible for vetting and licensing every casino that plans to offer its services in the UK.
It does an excellent job of vetting new casinos to ensure they’re operated by qualified people. It also orders them to provide high-quality games, use secure websites and provide reliable services for the benefit of the British people.

When finding an online casino, therefore, look for a license from the UKGC. Casinos usually post their license number at the bottom of their websites. They also hyperlink it so that it opens to the official UKGC website: it shows the license is genuine.

Pay Attention to Deposits and Withdrawals

How do you plan to deposit money? What’s your budget? Are you okay with waiting for weeks to get paid? These are genuine questions that affect the ultimate casino you select. If your plan is to deposit through PayPal, then you need a PayPal-supporting casino.
If you prefer to make payments through Bitcoin, choose a Bitcoin casino. Note: most casino process withdrawals through your chosen deposit method. If you deposit using Visa, you can’t withdraw through MasterCard.

Payment methods aside, also pay attention to limits, fees and withdrawal speeds. You want an operator with decent limits, low fees and quick payout speeds. Check out for a list of casinos with all these great features. The websites are carefully chosen for reliability and listed based on their strengths, from the best overall casino to the site for bingo fans.

Games aren’t Created Equal


Many online casinos in the UK have loads of slots, table games and bingo. It’s easy to think these games are similar and so, it doesn’t make a difference whether you play a classic slot or video slot.

Truth be told, casino games are incredibly different. Some slots have high payout rates. Others have painfully low payout rates. Some are beautiful by design; others not so much. When choosing a casino, consider the games you like to play.

Let’s say you love slots. What types of slots do you like to play? There are games inspired by ancient mythology. There are others based on TV shows and video games. Maybe you have favorites from specific developers.

Look at the software providers that supply games to a casino. You want to see top-rated developers like NetEnt, Betsoft, Playtech, Microgaming and BTG. If you love poker, roulette and blackjack, choose a website with games from BTG.

Choose Fair Bonuses

Bonuses are great, but only when they come with fair terms. Most British casinos have bonuses. Choosing the right bonus isn’t easy, though. Many of them come in big amounts, say a 100% match on your first deposit.

You can get a bonus of up to $1000 at the best casinos. But that doesn’t mean you should automatically claim this offer. The true worth of a bonus lies in its terms and conditions. A bonus worth $1000 could be better than a $1000 reward based on its policies.

So, what terms should you check to ensure you get a quality bonus? Look at the wagering requirements. It’s a condition to playthrough your bonus 10x, 30x, 40x or 60x. Pick a bonus with a small number of wagering requirements.

Then look at the withdrawal limit. If you’re going to spend out of your pocket to fulfill wagering requirements, do it when there’s a chance to withdraw a decent amount of money. Another important term is the validity period.

In light of that information, select a casino with regular bonuses. Look for reload bonuses, VIP programs, cashback offers and no wager bonuses. They’ll help you save money in the long haul and maximize your profits.

Select a Mobile-Friendly Website


One of the many mistakes people make when choosing online casinos is to assume they’ll never play on mobile devices. Yet, more than half of Internet users browse the web through their iPhones and android devices daily.

Unless you’re against everything mobile gaming stands for, pick a casino that runs on smartphones. It’s an easy check—run a few casino sites on your iPhones to determine whether they operate smoothly or not.

Check the website speeds, whether games run smoothly and how easy it is to navigate across multiple web pages. Some casinos also feature native apps you can download from play stores. Also, assess these apps if you prefer native apps to mobile websites.

Customer Service

In your search for a reliable online casino, don’t overlook customer service. It can be a deal breaker or a reason to give a new company a chance. The best operators provide customer service through live chatbots, emails, and phone contacts.

Most people like to contact casinos through chatbots. They are easy to use, quick and efficient. Owing to that, choose a casino with a live chatbot. Ensure the chatbot is operated by human support staff 24/7.

Importantly, contact support agents to gauge their response speed and the quality of feedback they provide. Professionally run casinos provide quick, helpful feedback. On the flip side, poorly managed casinos have disappointing support services.