El Dragon Season 2: Release Date, Cast and everything else you need to know! 


As per the latest information, El Dragón: Return of a Warrior season 2 will release on Netflix around April 2024. But, no official release date has been out yet. We will be revealing the time as soon as we get it. Till then, keep reading.

How many episodes are there for the Season 2? 

The second season of the show was premiered in the UK on November 25, 2019, and it went on till January 2024. This season came with a batch of 44 new episodes. These episodes has gained equal fan following as the first season. 

El dragon Season 2
El-Dragon: Return of Warrior Season 2

Who are the cast members of  El Dragón: Return of a Warrior   Season 2?

The cast members were:

●Sebastián Rulli as Miguel Garza

●Roberto Mateos as Epigmenio Moncada

●Cassandra Sánchez Navarro as Chisca Garza

●Irina Baeva as Jimena Ortiz

●Renata Notni as Adela Cruz

●Alejandro Ávila

●Javier Gómez as Carlos Duarte

●Sofía Castro as Kenia

●Manuel Balbi as Héctor Bernal

●Alex Durán as Ishiro Tanaka

●Juan Pablo Gil as Jorge Garza

What is the plotline for the show? 

The story of the El Dragón: Return of a Warrior is all about a man named Miguel Garza. He is a beautiful and mysterious person, and these characteristics make everyone attracted towards him. He also lives in his world, where he feels that the world will work as he wants, also that everyone will submit to his charm. With all this, he also becomes a good businessman. However, one day, his world’s comes crashing down when his worst nightmare comes alive, and he becomes intolerant.

El-Dragon Season 2

As per reports, Season 2 will be even more dangerous for Miguel. In this season, both Italians and Russians will become the biggest thorn in his path, and problems will arise between influential cartel members. This will ultimately lead them to fight for supremacy. According to the rumours, Miguel will also know about Adela’s connections with the authorities, which will make them the main influences of the story in the future.

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