Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More New Updates


Elite is the super popular Spanish TV show. This teen drama is one of the finest in the thriller genre present in Netflix.

Elite Season Four: Everything You Need To Know About

Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona have made the show specially for Netflix. The first season of Elite came out in 2018 and had become the talk of the town.

The story of the first season of Elite is about three friends, Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, who have joined Las Encinas. They hail from the weaker section. Hence, they got admission through the scholarship.

Las Encinas is the most renowned private school in Spain exclusively for the elite class. Their already complicated life hits complications furthermore as they were involved in the murder of Marina.

The second season of the show resumes the story of the murder and how their life follows up after that. This season had come out in 2019.

Samuel, Nadia, and Christian Elite Season 4
Samuel, Nadia, and Christian – Elite

Are New Seasons Coming Up Soon?

Netflix has not made any official announcement about the new seasons of the show. But back in January, a Spanish blooper had come out that the show is getting ready for the release of the Elite Season fourth and fifth season. And also, they are already in production.

We do not have much information regarding the coming seasons yet, but predictably, Lucresia and Nadia will return from America, and there could be a get-together, which will result in the romantic connection between Lucrezia and Valerio and Nadia and Guzman.

Currently, we have no confirmed updates regarding the fourth season. But we are sure that the trailer will be out soon. We will have an official announcement from Netflix regarding the new season.

Elite Season 4
Elite Season 4

Keeping the current situation of COVID-19 in mind, it is possible that the release of the fourth season would be delayed and hence may not release before 2022.