Top 6 Most Streamed Shows Worldwide


There are lots of shows available on Hulu. But there are five that are really popular. Let’s take a look at them. These are Ramy, Atlanta, Better Things, Nip/Tuck, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

1. Atlanta

If you’re looking for something new to watch on Hulu this weekend, you may want to consider the comedy series Atlanta. The show, created by Donald Glover, is one of the most talked about comedies of the year.

Although the series is primarily set in Atlanta, there are some international filming locations, as well as some unique storytelling. The show has won multiple awards, including two Golden Globes and five Emmy nominations.

The show revolves around Earn Marks, a music manager. He’s trying to climb the ladder of success in the Atlanta rap scene. His partner Alfred is also a rapper, but his talents aren’t enough to make him a household name.

2. Better Things

If you are a fan of the FX network, you may have heard of Better Things. This show is based on the story of a single mother who raises three daughters. The show is a black comedy, starring Hannah Alligood and Mikey Madison.

If you are looking to catch up on the series, you should consider the services offered by Hulu. They offer a variety of programs, from original content to classic sitcoms. For a small fee, subscribers can watch new episodes as soon as they air.

Another option is FX Now. The service offers a free streaming app that works on Apple, Android, and Fire TV devices. Users can also purchase a subscription for unlimited streaming.

3. Justified

Justified is a crime drama based on the character of Raylan Givens created by Elmore Leonard. The show stars Timothy Olyphant as Givens, who is a deputy marshal in Kentucky.
The show’s protagonist, a former DEA agent, escapes from a criminal father and becomes a lawman. He is drawn back to his home state to investigate a notorious outlaw.

A series of neo-Westerns, Justified is a drama that features strong performances from its cast. The characters are deceptively intelligent bastards. There is a lot of tension in the show.

The show’s popularity continues to grow as it appears on streaming platforms. It has been nominated for eight prime-time Emmy awards.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been around since 2005 and has been one of the longest running comedy series in the history of television. Despite its racy humor, it’s also a show that has a lot of heart.

The series revolves around a quartet of misfits. Mac (Greg Kinnear), Dennis (Jesse Eisenberg), Charlie (Charlie Day), and Sweet Dee (Taylor Momsen) run their own small pub. Even though they’re not very successful, they do what they can to make a few bucks.

Although the show has been renewed for three more seasons, it hasn’t exactly been easy for the foursome to stay together. In the first season, they almost were dropped from the network. But after a last-minute reboot, the show has gone on to become the longest-running live-action sitcom in television history.

5. Nip/Tuck

Nip/Tuck is a medical drama that centers on the lives of two plastic surgeons. The show is based in Miami’s South Beach. This series features intense sexual content. Its sexual scenes often depict transsexual relationships and homosexual relationships.

The series is filled with sexual violence and drug abuse. It also shows a serial rapist known as the Carver.

Nip/Tuck also has elements of black comedy, crime drama, and family drama. In addition, the show features open discussions of body image.

Nip/Tuck has been well received by critics. The show was awarded numerous Emmy awards. Several seasons feature storylines that span multiple seasons.

Nip/Tuck has been called a “breakthrough series” for its time. Many critics believe that it was one of the first shows to explore the intersection of gender politics.

6. Ramy

A Hulu original, Ramy is an ambitious millennial dramedy that has been compared to such cable shows as Master of None and Girls. While the show is not flawless, it does stand apart from the crowd, albeit in a variety of ways.

Ramy is a well-executed satire that makes viewers uncomfortable. It is the first mainstream US TV show to feature fully realized Arab characters, and it is also the first to feature a Muslim protagonist. In many ways, though, it isn’t much more than a muddled mess.

The series is executive produced by Adel Kamal and Tyson Bidner. They are joined by Jerrod Carmichandel and Christopher Storer. As well as being a Hulu original, the show was produced by award-winning studio A24, who recently teamed up to produce the highly-acclaimed hit HBO series Moonlight.

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What Makes These Shows So Popular?

First and foremost, superb story-telling is critical to gaining a large and dedicated audience. Good writing should provide compelling characters, engaging plot lines and satisfying conclusions that make viewers come back for more. Additionally, outstanding pacing allows for an exciting sequence of events that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats right until the end.

Next, outstanding production quality can be essential in creating immersive experiences that capture an audience’s attention and fuel their interest in these stories. Quality writing is not enough if a show cannot be presented adequately; beautifully crafted settings, sophisticated special effects and gripping music are all essential components of well structured media content.

Finally, marketing can be essential in generating interest around new series or establishing returning audiences for older ones. While larger budgets facilitate better promotion campaigns, clever advertisement strategies still remain effective tools which creators must use as part of their effort to establish an extensive fan base for their show(s).

Overall, great storytelling is only realized through intrinsically solid scripts combined with powerful marketing campaigns—all capable of propelling streaming services into genuine success stories amongst the entertainment industry.