Ozark Season 3 Locations: Where They Placed The Set? Catch All The Places Here


Ozark is launched for season 3 by March 27 on Netflix. The crime drama series has come with ten episodes, and fans are very excited to see the all-new stories and scene which happens with Byrde family.

Well, we already have the articles for the information about the Ozark series, But here we will give you some of the information first about the series and then we will move on the locations of the series.

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Ozark is the crime drama series which focuses on the Byrde family. They stuck into the problem of money with a gang in their vacation. So this series is based on a person who tries to put many efforts to make his family safe.

In third season they jumped six months forward, which ended with Marty (played by Jason Bateman) discussing plans for a new casino.

In the series, there are many wonderful sense covered, which attracts fans to know more about the location of the series. So here we have some information about the site of the series.

Set of  Ozark season 3?

Marty has many big ideas for the casino, and he knows that there are so many risks in it. So, he chooses not to tell anything about big planes to his wife. In the last, they are left fighting to keep their family safe.

There are many scenes which are so beautiful. The set of this series is set in the Ozarks. Which is a group of mountains in Missouri in America, and it is made up of two mountain ranges.

Many fans who observed the series will recognise the stunning green rolling hills and high peaks in the backdrop in the series.


Places which covered in the season 3?

There is always a difference in the location where they filmed it and the site which they show in the movie or series. This is the essential thing in the world of filming.

Many people will get shocked after reading that the series is not filled in the Ozark. The series is set at the waterfront resort at the lake of Ozark, and also most of the locations for filming are done in the Atlanta area.

The series is set at the waterfront resort at the Lake of the Ozarks, but most of the locations for filming are actually in the Atlanta area.


They took many scenes at Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier to show the picturesque waterfront in the whole series.

They made set at many places. It help them to arrange the shooting by schedule at anywhere. They have sets in Georgia and Chicago.

Filming locations in Georgia include many places like Canton, Woodstock, Norcross, Marietta, Braselton and Atlanta.

According to Hollywood Filming Locations, they transformed The Littel Blue Cat Lodge to show in the series.


The series is too amazing with many thriller part, if you didn’t watched it till now then go and watch the series.

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