Erin Moriarty & Karen Fukuhara are Coming Back Together in The Boys Season 2

Erin Moriarty And Karen Fukuhara Feature
The leading ladies of The Boys, Erin Moriarty And Karen Fukuhara are talking about their reunion for the second instalment of the show.

Erin Moriarty And Karen Fukuhara are two of the most popular faces on The Boys. However, audiences will never have enough of the characters that they invest so much time and attention towards. Also, the actors who are regulars on the hit superhero web-series are giving more content for the fans to follow.

Erin and Karen were recently in a conversation with Comic Book Resources (CBR) about their experiences. Following are some of the most important tidbits from the long conversation.

I. Moral depletion of character in the show, especially after the completion in season two:-

Erin Moriarty’s statements:-

“I think Starlight is becoming maybe more morally complex, but I think that it’s an inherent quality that one develops when they really enter true adulthood… what we learned from the show especially with guys that we think are bad, and then, we learn about their past traumas and we realize why they are the way they are. I think that the older you get, the more that gray gap widens, and she’s just more and more realizing that & adapting”

Karen Fukuhara’s statements:-

 “I think I wouldn’t call Kimiko a perfect, good human being. She’s definitely had some moments of violence [Laughs], if you want to call it that. Is she morally compromised? I don’t know. I would like to stand behind Kimiko and say that she wouldn’t just kill anyone that’s innocent.”

Erin Moriarty Karen Fukuhara Erin
Erin Moriarty portrays the character of Annie January in the superhero show.

II. Challenges for Karen Fukuhara’s character with the non-speaking nature of the role while using a fake sign-language:-

Karen Fukuhara’s statements:-

“It was amazing. I’m doing Season 1, I didn’t think that Kimiko was going to be able to communicate, and that has changed drastically in Season 2. But having that is really hopeful playing the character. It adds layers and it opens up the door for even more of Kimiko’s storyline expanding. So, that’s exciting to me.”

Erin Moriarty Karen Fukuhara Karen
Karen Fukuhara portrays the character of Female, also on both the seasons of The Boys.

III. Possible prospects of Female and Annie teaming up and taking down enemies together in a bad-ass Lady duo:-

This was mainly answered by Erin while Karen just nodded in approval to the answer of her colleague.

“What I will say to your question is anyone who’s curious about that will not be left unsatisfied by the end of this season.”

IV. While working in a superhero show, how does the overly male environment affect their own skills and experience:-

Karen’s statement on being optimistic with the future and positives from her time on the show until now.

“Being the Female of the Boys, I think from the beginning, I’ve had so many scenes with the Boys, and it’s always fun. And seeing these female characters, aside from herself, tackle these issues and how they act, it’s as if she’s encountering a new species or seeing an animal at a zoo or something where she’s like, “Oh, I’ve never seen this before. She’s kind of like me, but we’re different. And that’s so interesting that she acts this way and does certain movements in a way that I never thought to do.”

In addition to her colleague, Erin also was more confident than frustrated on the question pointing towards the gender impalance.

“I also love that she’s now kind of joining forces with Kimiko towards the end of the season, and we worked a lot together. And I love how in the Boys — Kimiko being a proper member and Annie slowly becoming kind of an honorary member — they’re the only characters in the Boys who have powers as well are the two women who are in the Boys.”

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