Finally the details of season 4 of Castlevania out?

There are no innocent, anymore
Are any innocent alive?
Castlevania, an American show that is based on the dark medevial fantasy anime series. It has completed its 3rd season recently and has created a buzz and excitement for season 4.

Castlevania Season 4 Release Date?

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the next season by Netflix, but the maker of the show Waren Ellis mentioned the probability of the season 4 hitting the floor. Fans got super excited about the series and are focusing on Season 5 straight instead of Season 4.
Season 4 is most likely to happen even though there hasn’t been any official release till now, we worried about it. Most probably, in the second half of 2022, it will be ready to broadcast.
What's the point of killing?-Castlevania
Killing and finishing was the point?

 Cast Details of season 4?

James Callis will be portraying Adrian Alucard Tepes, popularly known as Alucard.
Richard Armitage portrays the character of Trevor Belmont, while Alejandra Reynoso portrays the character of Sypha Belnades.  Theo James is portraying Hector, and Jamie Murray will be seen as Carmilla. Jessica Brown Findlay, Ivana Milicevic, Bill Nightly, and different others are a piece of the cast.
leaving was never an option.Castlevania
Either they will leave or fight?

The Plot of season 4 Castlevania?

The Season 3 leaves us to think over four parallel storyline. We saw Taka and Sumi cheating and go against Alucard, so humans aren’t going to be an option for Alucard.
We will watch Alucard accepting his dark side and vampire genes within him. After season 3, we know that Hector has become a slave, and Carmilla can now rule over Wallachia.
Apart from this, there is an uncertainty in the Trevor and Sypha’ future. They had defeated the Dracula praying cult at Linderfield lately, but what about the future.
As season 4 release is approaching, we are anticipating a teaser soon.