Google lost domain leads to the breaking of millions on links. Know here

Google Lost

Google has lost the ownership of its domain. In India, users are currently unable to access Google People who used to post previously on the ‘.in’ domain is facing issues getting access to their blogs. Due to this, it lead to the breaking of millions of links.

Many web pages are under the Indian domain are inaccessible at the movement. Web pages are unavailable because Google has lost control over the URLs. However, blogs are still visible when a user changes the URLs part from to It affects millions of users who have added links with their domain on various websites are now broken links.

Google history? domain was a part of Google-owned Blogger. Blogger is a blog-publishing service. Pyra Labs developed it. Pyra launched it on August 23, 1999. Google acquired Blogger in 2003. A user can have 100 blogs per account.

In February 2013, Google added a feature in the Blogspot domain. Blogger added Country-specific URLs. The primary season to introduce country-specific URLs was to remove content that violates local laws.

For example, will redirect to in India. In Australia, it will redirect to If Google entertains a request to remove content that violates local law. The content may no longer be available to local users where the same rules are applied.

Domain names for a particular country are not different blog address. But based on the country, it is redirected.

Who took the domain?

According to WHOIS lookup, Some domain service provider acquired domain.

 Domain Name:

Registry Domain ID: DE2DC9C0E8E694C28ADEF0F444F121B45-IN

Registrar URL:

Creation Date: 2024-06-24T20:00:05Z

Updated Date: 2024-06-29T20:00:06Z

Registry Expiry Date: 2024-06-24T20:00:05Z

Domain Status: Inactive

 According to the above information, there has been an update in the registry last month. Google hasn’t confirmed how exactly they lost control of the domain. By these events, Millions of Indian bloggers are deeply affected. Some users can still access their blog using ‘.in’ domain, whereas some can’t access it. For example, the results of a google search for ‘’ generated over 4.5 million results at the time of writing.

Whatever the reason might be for domain. If I am currently blogging, I demand a proper notice. Or my data should be safe in any circumstances.

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