I Am Not Okay With This! Details for next season is out?

Nothing is permanent.
Time changes every second.

I Am Not Okay With This is a comic book written by Charles Forsman, which was converted into teen drama series. The comic book narrates the story of a teenager who is dealing with difficulties of high school life with other factors of having a superpower.

Two people can seat together and find solutions.
Discuss the problems.

The first season was loved by the audience, and now are waiting and looking forward for the second one. The real question is, when are we getting season 2 of I am not okay with this?

When will the Release Date be out?

No one right now can predict or assure the release date of the much awaited Season 2 of I Not Okay With This . It has been delayed because of the Lockdown imposed due to the Pandemic.

Friends can solve everything.
Smile to all the problems.

What will be the cast for next season?

Some actors are in the talks to be the cast on the show for the Second Season, but nothing can be said for sure. Some of them are of Kathleen Rose Perkins, Sophia Wills, Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Bryant, and Aidan Wojtak Hissong.

Find problems in your life.
Noone is okay with the problems.


How did the previous season end?

Sydney was shown worried about the fact that someone is following her. She was seen being positive and joining the homecoming dance. The season is supposed to be continued from this ending of the previous season.