Masters Of The Universe Reboot: What Are The Recent Updates Of The Film?

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Masters Of The Universe Reboot

Masters Of The Universe – a 1987  American film based on science fantasy and action was a commercial failure. Gary Goddard was the director, and the producers included Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan. David Odell was the writer of the film.

Masters Of The Universe: Production Status

There have been attempts at bringing He-man, Skeletor, and all the others in live-action on the big screen. This has been going on since 2007 when John Woo pursued the direction. Also, the rights of the film transferred from Warner Bros. to Sony in 2009. It was then when the project finally kicked off.

But since then, the movie has been in the hands of multiple directors like John Stevenson, Jon M. Chu, McG, and David S. Goyer. Also, no less number of writers have had hands onto this film, Masters Of The Universe Reboot.

In the past few years, the movie has been on the edge of finally happening. Apart from the sequential change of writers and directors, Masters Of The Universe started its casting with Noah Centineo in the spring of 2019. Thus, it seems as if the movie will soon hit the screens in 2024 with the same enthusiasm.

Noah Centineo might play the lead!

The Hollywood star, Noah Centineo, is famous for ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.’ It was heard that he might play the role of He-man in the upcoming Masters Of The Universe that is set to air in March 2024.

Also, when Noah was invited to The Tonight Show, he revealed his anticipation to Jimmy Fallon. He said how excited he is for everything. He is ready to grab this opportunity.

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Noah Centineo As He-Man

COVID interrupts the film!

However, the film faced interruption in the production due to the lockdown situation due to coronavirus pandemic. Thus, there are no latest updates over the filming. But all that we hope for is that we might not have to face more delays for the film to head-on.

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Masters Of The Universe Sold To Netflix?

Also, it was reported that Sony might sell Masters Of The Universe reboot to Netflix.

Considering the live-action scenes of Masters Of The Universe reboot, the film has most of the qualities that Netflix would look forward to. However, among the ongoing planning for the blockbusters like Uncharted and Bad Boys sequel, Master Of The Universe might not be of high priority for Sony. Thus, the chances of the film making its way in the near future are very slim.

Final word:

Masters Of The Universe reboot has already faced a tremendous amount of delay, may it be in the development or production. Thus, fans expect that it might air soon. Though there are slim chances of it happening, we hope it to make its way by 2024.