10 Fun Facts, You Should Know About Fast and Furious 10

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Who did not dance or tap their feet to the epic beat of “Fast & Furious.” In the past 21 years, a sole movie about car racing and drifting became the Fast and Furious franchise followed by millions. It provides the viewers with unmatchable cinematic experiences that got them hooked to the rush of car racing.

Over time, the franchise expanded with video games, TV shows, and movie sequels and the followers started searching for all of the Fast and Furious movies in order on various streaming sites. If you are a Fast and Furios fan, you must not miss Screenbinge’s blog collection on Fast and Furious movies in order.

In the past 21 years, the Fast and Furious became an absolute success with The Fate of Furious and Furious 7 making a profit of billions of dollars.

The success of this exciting journey indicates that the Fast and Furious franchise is here to stay. Fast X is the 10th movie of this franchise and it is one of the most awaited 2024 movies. Considering the ongoing buzz of Fast X, here are some of the exciting facts you should know.

1. Most of your beloved characters are returning!

Even though it is almost impossible to predict the storyline or plot of this upcoming hit, we have important information to share. All of your favorite characters including Dominic, Tej, Ramsey, and Mia are returning to charm you again. So get ready for a dose of nostalgia and find out how the story will unfold.

2. The release date is confirmed!

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Originally, Fast X was scheduled to be released on April 2, 2024 but due to global pandemic, the release was delayed. But there is no need to worry as you can watch Fast X on 19th May 2024. It will be a great start to blockbuster season and make sure to get your tickets early.

3. Get ready to be the fan of some new characters!

Even though we love the seasoned case of the Fast and Furious franchise, the continuously expanding storyline calls for new characters. Some of the new actors include Daniela Melchior, Jason Momoa, and Brie Larson but we are specially to watch Momoa in action. You will enjoy the performances of Marvel and DC stars in the upcoming sequel.

4. This is the end!

Furious X is the bearer of bad news as it is one of the two-part finales of the original storyline of Fast and Furious. You need to get prepared to say goodbye to this epic hit and the original story started 21 years ago will be ending soon. We can expect a deviation from the original story and maybe the character will get their own spin off.

5. Vin Diesel is all about two-part finale

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Vin Diesel is one of the oldest and beloved characters of the Fast and Furious franchise. Talking about the finale at F9 trailer press conference, he said that the story is very close to his heart. Even though the film series is ending, fans will always remember him as Dominic. He also provided that there was so much to cover in the finale that it was cut in two parts to tell the story better.

6. The production started this year!

The production of Fast X was started in April 2024 and the locations include Vila Rael, Viseu, and other parts of Portugal. Other locations for filming include Italy and the United Kingdom so set ready to enjoy a story full of exciting locations.

7. Dwayne Johnson will be missed!

Even though we were expecting a face off of Luke Hobbs and Dominic Toretto, Dwayne Johnson provided that he will not be performing in any of the finale. He also stated that he wishes the crew and cast of the Fast and Furious franchise all the best. We think that the franchise is depriving the viewer of an epic battle between John Cena and Dwayne Johnson

8. Fast And Furious 10 was going to Africa

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Even though the new location of Fast X is finalized, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson wanted the filming to happen in Africa. The actor also provided that filming in Brazil seems like a dream come true and they want to film the new sequel in Africa.

9. The story of a new director

Director Justin Lin left his position as a director one week after Fast X’s filming began. Less than a week after the start of the tale, in early May 2024, Universal recruited Louis Leterrier to take Lin’s place on Fast X.

10. What can happen in the future?

We cannot be certain what will happen after the finale but we can assume that important characters will have their origin and stories explored. Till them, all we can do iis wait!


Fast and Furious is a well-known name in the entertainment sector and has a cult following of the viewers who grew up watching this hit. Another impressive addition in the form of a new release will surely leave you wanting for more.

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If you are new to the Fast and Furious world, you need to watch the movies in order to get a firm grasp of the story. Call your friends over, grab a popcorn bucket, and re-watch all the previous movies so you can get ready to welcome a new year. Enjoy!