The Most Interesting and Useful Educational Movies on Netflix


Who wouldn’t like to binge a thrilling Netflix show in their free time? This activity becomes a must, particularly when you feel blue or the weather is gloomy. All you need to unwind is a soft blanket to curl up under and snacks.

But then there might be another issue. You may get lost in the endless rows of options, not knowing what to watch next. While browsing the popular TV streaming service, you’ve probably noticed it offers almost any genre, including educational documentaries.

Quality educational films aren’t as frequent as sitcoms and thrillers. Yet, a more detailed search can reveal exceptional examples that will make you think deeper and discover new worlds. And if you’re still at a crossroads, we got your back. Forget about exploring further to find your next cinematic favorites. Here are the best documentaries on Netflix teaching valuable lessons from everyday life. So, sit comfortably and enjoy the show!

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019)

This Netflix documentary is about one of the most affluent men on the planet who founded Microsoft. He is a philanthropist and has a charitable foundation he co-manages with his wife, Melinda. But what else do we know about this genius? How did he become a billionaire? That’s where the show Inside Bill’s Brain takes the stage.

The biographical film unravels the life of Gates over three episodes or a total of three hours. It starts in his childhood days and continues throughout his school years. He spent his days reading and writing, buried in books and technical papers. Bill has always seen the broader picture and wanted to do something to improve the world.

Perhaps his inclination to thrive on complexity and idiosyncratic mindset brought him to global domination. However, most of the show focuses on the Gates Foundation and the causes it is fighting for. The initiatives include eradicating polio, developing safer nuclear power, and improving sewage in developing countries.

Learn how billionaires think, live a typical day, what goals they pursue, and most importantly, their deepest fears. Also, you’ll understand that everyone has a different definition of success.

Race to Nowhere (2009)

The American story explores the issues emerging from having too much homework on your hands. It is compelling because it unravels the stress experienced by kids today. Everything starts when the director’s (Vicky Abeles) daughter develops homework-induced anxiety from the pressures of school, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. The fear of academic failure pushes the girl to commit suicide.

The film is an eye-opener about impeccable performance requirements set by top universities. Teenagers no longer have free time to dedicate to hobbies. And since having time for socializing is vital, many students turn to Edusson, a custom paper writing assistant. When strapped for ideas, entrusting critical essays and assignments to an expert can bring your confidence back and stimulate you to move forward.

Race to Nowhere received praise and criticism, and that’s justifiable. Yet, it urges watchers to think beyond the conventional. It challenges current standpoints about how we prepare kids for success.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (2020)

When speaking of educational Netflix documentaries, no list will be complete without Crip Camp. It revolves around a generation of activists with disabilities who manage to organize thanks to attending the summer Camp Jened. Though the camp is now defunct, it used to teach young disabled people to fight for their rights. As a result, many of these campers led massive demonstrations that enhanced the life and social status of the disabled in the US.

The documentary film shows archival footage of the educational system in the camp in the 1960s. The program was progressive and thus positively impacted the development of these teenagers. Crip Camp is a film proving that early access to inclusive facilities helps marginalized communities to speak up and stand for equality. And, yes, a group of kids can change the world sometimes!

If You Build It (2013)

Perhaps the best documentary film that inspires and empowers, If You Build It, is ideal for students feeling suppressed. Enjoy the ride with role models Matthew Miller and Emily Pilloton, who vouch to ensure high school students can get special education. The film will teach you to rise against the odds and believe in your ability to achieve higher goals.

The movie follows the lives of several high school students struggling to design and construct a farmer’s market pavilion. Together, they overcame many challenges but managed to build the first pavilion created entirely by high schoolers.

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History (2019)

The famous comedian Hart retells several incredible ventures of black heroes in the past. Unlike other Netflix movies, this one-hour special chronicle pledges to glorify unsung ground-breakers. Through the language of comedy and entertainment, we learn about the obstacles of ordinary people.

Face the arctic explorer Matthew Henson who first went to the North Pole. Meet the first black woman who set her aim to become an astronaut. Moreover, the movie has inspiring quotes that black history isn’t only about slavery and subjugation. One must exercise goodness, innovation, brilliance, and creativity to challenge oppression.

The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman (2017)

Rated as one of the best documentaries, The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman is hosted and narrated by Freeman. Over six episodes, the show examines fundamental forces that drive people from different cultures together. He touches upon the concepts of freedom, peace, love, belief, power, and rebellion.

Undoubtedly, this movie is perfect for your next debate class. As Morgan Freeman wanders around the world looking for answers about our humanity, you will learn that more things unite people than divide them.

On the Way to School (2013)

Another hit among educational shows, On the Way to School, takes you to the cultural landscape of Africa and India. You stand before the challenges of four children trying to get to school from a different perspective.

Little kids cross mountains and dodge large animals like lions and elephants to attend lessons. Some on foot and horseback, others in a wheelchair, children cover tremendous distances to reach their schools. It’s time you appreciated your education opportunities more.

To Review

Who says documentaries can’t be fun and educational at the same time? And if you were aimlessly browsing the extensive list of categories to find a binge, look no more. Watching these Netflix movies will give you immense material to ponder and set you on the right path. Start learning the essence of life and education while enjoying these incredible narrations.