Popular Online Entertainment During Lockdown

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With a raging pandemic and several lockdowns, most people have been using a lot of time indoors. Here, they have had to find ways to keep busy and to entertain themselves. It is not surprising that online activity has been rising. But what have been some of the popular online entertainment during a lockdown?

These past two years have been something quite out of the ordinary. With a global pandemic putting restrictions on our everyday habits, we have been forced to find other ways to do things. In terms of work, school, and company. All of which has turned us toward our home and the screen. The virus has changed the way we use the internet, but what online entertainment have people been turning to during the lockdown?

Online gambling and gaming

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Online gambling has always been popular, so it makes sense that it only attracted more visitors during the lockdown period. Most online casinos offer all the notorious card games and activities that you would typically find in a casino. Blackjack, Poker, and a roulette table to sit in at, and finally the slot machines. Online gambling can provide a sense of excitement that many people might have needed during this time of Covid-19.

Playing at an online casino might generate some excitement and energy that has been missing in most of our lives during the pandemic. Besides, as this is an online activity, you can enjoy it either alone or together. The social part of the games is probably another attraction of this option. If you are interested in testing the popular field of online gambling, you should make sure to find the right site. You should use a good guide to find your way around the many offers. At Americancasinoguide.com you can find a list of the best online casinos based on honest reviews. If you use one of these sites, you will be sure that it is safe and trustworthy.

Streaming services

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Whereas the cinemas have been empty, the streaming services have had days with a great deal of activity. Naturally, people have turned to both HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and so on to find series and movies to keep them entertained. All the streaming services have experienced a high frequency of new users and generally a lot of activity. Netflix, however, is the most popular. And it is understandable as they have a high frequency of new content and they have become a big producing power. If you are looking for some of the best movies in 2024, you can find them on Netflix.

Some of the services have even produced movies and content during lockdown with the quarantine and Covid-19 as a theme. The streaming service has profited well from the pandemic, but they have also kept a lot of people company during a lonely lockdown with isolation. Television has always been something we could gather around in groups. It has been an assembly point for families and friends. With the introduction of streaming services, however, it just as much became something to enjoy solely.

Have a virtual party or social gathering

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If you missed the company of other people, and streaming no longer did the trick for you, or you, like me, ran out of shows to watch, a lot of people started having virtual gatherings. During the pandemic we used Zoom and options like it for work, but it became more than a work platform for many of us, when we were forced to stay at home and weren’t able to see our friends and family.

Many of us used these options to create hangouts with our friends and family, whether it was to have a virtual party where we enjoyed a glass of wine or a couple of beers, or it was a gathering with our closest friends just to try and have a sense of normality, we used these online options as a way to stay connected when we couldn’t see each other in real life. We had to get creative with our social lives, so we found ways to feel connected even when we were apart.

Many businesses took it upon themselves to try and reach out to their customers through the use of zoom, Facebook live or Microsoft Teams meetings to keep their business afloat, and to create an online community for them and their customers. Some bars and bottle shops held beer tastings, some did online auctions or online ordering for pick up outside their stores, and some stores did online live shopping, where they showed their items and customers could order them online through their livestream.

One thing is for sure, we learned to use social media as a way to connect a bit more deeply than we did before. It became a way for us to be close without getting to be together.

Learning a new language

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Another thing that gained popularity during the pandemic was learning a new language. Now i’m not saying that a lot of us are gonna come out of the pandemic speaking fluent french or chinese, but the pandemic gave us more time on our hands to do things that we normally wouldn’t feel like we had the time to do, and trying to learn a new language is something we all kind of want to do, but always have an excuse not to do.

Previously, people have signed up for Duolingo as a part of their new years resolution or because of school classes, but when the pandemic first started, they experienced a 67% growth spike in new learners, indicating that more people wanted to learn for fun than because of any obligation.

Using Duolingo can become kind of addictive. Like Snapchat they use streaks, so for every day you log in and complete a class, your streak prolongs. This helps to stay motivated in learning, and many of us, including me, have created quite a streak as a result of the covid lockdowns.