9 Most Engaging VIP Tours in Dubai and the UAE

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If you are a sophisticated traveler who wants to see something unique and inaccessible, this article is for you. Desert sand safari, sun-drenched red dune walks, helicopter flights, gourmet dining on a luxury yacht – people in the United Arab Emirates know a lot about luxurious pleasures.

1. Exploring Dubai with convertible for $350 for a 3-hour

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A bright convertible, a phenomenal city, the wind in your face, glasses and sunscreen – this is the formula for the perfect stroll. In a perfect Ford Mustang or a chic Chevrolet Camaro, you will drive along the city’s awesome highways and main thoroughfares, admire skyscrapers propped up by clouds and world-famous hotels, see most of the city’s iconic sights and take incredible photos for memory.

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For example, rent an equally luxurious McLaren or Audi R8. You can rent a luxury car even for a day – so you will not be limited to 3 hours and will be more free to move. And the price for a rented car will be about the same.

2. Red dunes safari in Lah Bab Desert

A ride on the sand dunes can be compared to riding a roller coaster, only here everything is for real. A real jeep with a roaring engine, a real virgin desert, real emotions. And at the end of the trip, you will find entertainment in the Arabian style – a luxurious buffet consisting of traditional dishes, fragrant hookah, communication with local residents, an oriental show with belly dance and fire taming, as well as friendly camels that are happy to ride the guest on the sand. As a keepsake, you will have graceful henna drawings that will remind you of your adventures for a few more weeks.

3. Dubai Marina on a mega yacht with dinner for $54 per person

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A luxurious yacht cuts through the waves of the Persian Gulf, a perfect panorama of the coast with its artificial islands, majestic skyscrapers and the most fashionable areas of the most beautiful city in the world opens from the side, comfortable sun loungers stand by the pool, caring waiters bring cool cocktails and delicious snacks, and skillful musicians delight the ear. And in all this splendor, you are the most welcome guest.

4. Helicopter flight over Dubai for $185

A powerful iron bird will take you under the clouds and you will enjoy the magnificent views of Dubai. The coast of the Persian Gulf will spread before your eyes, a scattering of the World Islands can be seen a little further, the Burj Al Arab hotel is visible from the best angle, endless beaches, the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah and all this is just for you.

5. Private retro safari Platinum Heritage

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A safari in luxury retro jeeps deep into the Arabian desert is conducted by professionals who know the dunes like the back of their hand. Unforgettable sensations await you from a trip through the dunes, a camel ride, riding a buggy and ATV in the desert, falconry lessons, a traditional dance of Arab men, a master class in making Arabic coffee and bread, a photo session at sunset, and at the end a colorful dinner with relaxing hookah surrounded by the Dubai nature reserve.

6. Exclusive fishing on Moon Island

Moon Island is located in the emirate of Ajman in the picturesque area of Jebel Ali. The island is a natural wonder that really looks like the moon from a bird’s eye view. The unique location and arrangement of the coastline of the island contributes to the fact that entire flocks of rare fish live near its shores – barracuda, king mackerel and trevally often swim here, dolphins briskly chase tuna, and no one is surprised at all by cobia and grouper. In a word, if you are in search of dream fishing, this is the very chance that does not come up often.

7. $500 trip across the Persian Gulf on a luxury yacht

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Dubai is made for luxury living, and luxury living is made to be lived in Dubai. Cruise on a luxury yacht along the coast of Dubai will be a romantic adventure for a couple or a fun story for a group of friends. Renting a yacht in Dubai is as easy as shelling pears, and refreshments, stunning views overboard, lapping waves, a breeze and bright sunshine are included in the price. On request, snacks or even a delicious dinner will be prepared.

8. Flight over the desert in a hot air balloon for $300 per person

A hot air balloon flight is already an adventure, and a hot air balloon flight over the endless sands of the Arabian desert of Rub al-Khali is a double adventure. The dunes are woven into an amazing sandy carpet, somewhere in the distance the peaks of skyscrapers pierce the sky, cars rush along the highways and people fuss, and you soar as if on a magic carpet and contemplate the beauty.

9. Exclusive Night Dubai for $280

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Dubai by night is the perfect tour, especially during the hot off-season months. The program is fundamentally different from the standard tour of Modern Dubai. You will see the most pretentious, luxury places at night, various shows and the most beautiful promenade places. This tour includes the famous laser and fountain show at the City Mall Festival, the new fountain show on Palm Island, which will impress no less than the fountains near the Burj Khalifa. You will also walk along the Dubai Marina at night with its vibrant party life, see the Yacht Club, walk to the Opera House and see the fountain show near the Burj Khalifa. You will also have the opportunity to take pictures near the famous Sail Hotel and the Dubai Frame with night illumination.


Why go to Dubai? First of all, because everything here is at the highest level. One feels the scope, gloss and luxury, but not excessive. The dynamics here are absolutely inspiring, but it is difficult to live in such a high-tech anthill for a long time. Therefore, we advise you to spend as much time as possible among the quiet streets of the Old Town after a luxurious holiday.