Do You Need a New Air Conditioner? 5 Telling Warning Signs


As a homeowner, one of the most important pieces of equipment you have is your air conditioner. Having a reliable and efficient HVAC unit can reduce energy costs and increase indoor comfort while also protecting other parts of the home from excessive heat or humidity buildup during the summer months.

But how do you know when an AC system is nearing the end of its life cycle? Knowing what to look for will help identify if a new air conditioner may be needed sooner than later – so that you can get ahead of it and take action before facing any serious problems with cooling effects around your house! You can visit Hurliman Heating, a quality provider of HVAC services, to get a good idea of how much a new AC might cost you.

In this blog post, we’ll give you 5 warning signs to look for that could indicate it’s time to buy a new AC system.

Your Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises


One of the most important cost factors to consider when buying a new AC system is whether or not there are pets in the home. Pets produce dander and fur which can get into the ductwork, blower wheel, and other components of an HVAC system, leading to more frequent service visits.

This additional maintenance can add up quickly, so determining whether or not you own any pets could be a deciding factor in the type of system you choose for your home. Allergies are also another important consideration when choosing an AC system if you’re sensitive to pet-related allergens. Knowing how many pets you have can help determine how powerful of an air filtration system is required for best operation.

Your Energy Bills Have Been Going Up


Have you noticed that your energy bills have been steadily going up lately despite temperatures not changing much? This could be an indicator that something is wrong with your air conditioner and it may be time for a replacement.

Even if your AC unit is relatively new, age doesn’t always equal efficiency; and the older a unit gets, the less efficient it will become and the more expensive it gets to operate. Replacing an older, inefficient AC unit can help reduce your energy bill immensely and establish a comfortable temperature in your home again.

Consider how long you’ve had it for and how often you service it to decide whether or not you should invest in a new one – especially if you’ve been struggling with high energy bills.

The AC Unit Is Leaking Water


One of the clearest warning signs that you need a new AC unit is if it’s leaking water. Water doesn’t belong in AC units and when it does make its way in, it spells trouble for your air conditioning system.

Not only does this indicate that something within the unit has gone wrong, but water can cause additional damage to your home. If you start to notice any leak and/or pooling of water near or around your AC unit, contact a professional to diagnose what might be causing the leak before the problem becomes larger.

Taking action earlier rather than later may save you time, frustration and perhaps money down the road.

The AC Unit Is Not Cooling Your Home Properly

If the air conditioner in your home is not working as it should, you may find yourself dealing with hot and sticky summer days. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also cause major inconveniences like interrupted sleep or a damaged house due to high temperatures.

If your AC unit is not cooling your home properly, then it’s time to start shopping around for a new one. With a modern and up-to-date air conditioner, you will likely enjoy better cooling performance while being more energy-efficient at the same time.

Make sure to consider all the features that various AC units offer so that you find one best suited to your needs; by making an informed decision now, you can avoid future headaches down the road!

The Outdoor Compressor Is Running but the Indoor Fan Isn’t Turning On


An air conditioner is essential for keeping your home cool and comfortable during hot summers, so when the compressor is working but the indoor fan isn’t turning on, it can be quite a problem. This usually means that your existing AC unit is faulty, and you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Before replacing your AC, be sure to check that all its components are in good condition; this will prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary repairs. If everything checks out fine yet the compressor continues to fail regularly, then investing in a new air conditioner might be your best option.


Your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home. Without it, you’ll be uncomfortable and exposed to intense heat. That’s why it’s important to recognize changes in the way your A/C operates. This could potentially save you a lot of money in the long-run. If you experience any of the five warning signs we mentioned, it may be time to consider investing in a new unit.

Furthermore, if any issues arise, don’t hesitate to contact your local HVAC specialist for maintenance and servicing; leaving these problems unattended may cause further damages to occur over time. Despite being an expensive appliance, air conditioners are a critical part of maintaining a comfortable and healthy home environment. Take care of yours before it’s too late and act promptly to save yourself the hassle!