Top 8 Friendly Podcast All New Young Entrepreneurs Should Listen To


Podcasts may be a valuable tool for businesses. Business tactics, advertising, financing, and leadership are just a few areas that entrepreneurs can learn about and get insight into by listening to podcasts. An excellent approach to networking with other business owners, investors, and subject-matter experts are through podcasts.

Entrepreneurs may make wise business decisions by remaining current with the newest trends and advances in their sector. However, numerous entrepreneurs seek individual improvement, and podcasts may be a helpful tool in helping them enhance their individual and professional abilities. For instance: Mitch Russo is a business coach and author who hosts several business podcasts, this site will lead you directly to them.

Podcasts for young entrepreneurs may give entrepreneurs valuable insights and inspiration to assist them in overcoming business challenges and achieving their goals. They offer vital knowledge and inspiring tales of thriving companies with little effort on your part. For company owners trying to learn, develop, and thrive, podcasts may be a fantastic resource.

The 8 Ultimate Podcasts For Young Entrepreneurs

For anybody wanting to launch or expand a business, hearing experiences and insights from seasoned entrepreneurs may well be tremendously helpful. In addition, many podcasts contain discussions with thought leaders and professionals in the field, which may be a goldmine of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Remember that every podcast offers a distinct viewpoint, so listening to just a few different products is advisable to gain well-rounded knowledge.

Gimlet Media’s StartUp podcast looks at the hurdles of establishing a business, focusing on the innovators behind businesses. It presents a remarkably open view of the startup environment, its challenges and triumphs.


1. The Walk of Wealth

“The Walk of Wealth” is one of the podcasts that Mitch Russo hosts. The podcast focuses on wealth creation, mindset, and strategies for building a successful business. The podcast features interviews with experts in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship, and it also provides actionable tips and advice for listeners who are looking to improve their financial situation and grow their wealth.

2. How I Developed This

NPR’s “How I Developed This” programme contains discussions featuring innovators who’ve already created several of the world’s largest, best-known firms. Audiences may learn important lessons about the entrepreneurial journey from these people’s tales.

3. The Pitch

“The Pitch” podcast is a competitive programme in which startup firms throw the ball of their concepts to a committee of financiers hoping to secure investment. The programme gives viewers an in-depth look at the investment phase from a different view. It delivers insightful information about what potential investors are searching for within a business.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

Podcast “Entrepreneur on Fire”: Host John Lee Dumas talks with renowned entrepreneurs in the program “Entrepreneur on Fire,” which offers viewers motivation, practical guidance, plus tactics for launching or growing a venture.

5. Tim Ferriss’s Show

“Tim Ferriss’s Show” Tim Ferriss is an established businessman, writer, and financier who hosts a podcast. With an emphasis on the strategies, resources, and practices they employ to succeed, his podcast includes conversations with many of the most accomplished businesspeople.

6. StartUp School Radio

Podcast “StartUp School Radio”: StartUp Education Radio is a Common Terminal program that incorporates conversations with successful businessmen and assistance for those getting started with their new venture.

7. The Mastery Sessions

“The Mastery Sessions”: Hosted By Mitch Russo-This podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, where they share their insights and strategies for achieving success in business.

8. The Power Hour

“The Power Hour” : Hosted by Mitch Russo-This podcast focuses on specific tactics and strategies for growing a business, and features interviews with business experts and successful entrepreneurs.

Podcasts also make it simple for busy company owners to begin studying and expanding company enterprises when they do not have much spare time, as they can be referred to as an on. Mitch also has a YouTube channel called “Mitch Russo’s Business Mastery” where he shares some of the same content and much more. I would highly recommend checking out his podcasts and YouTube channel if you’re interested in learning more about building a successful business.

Why Is Listening To Podcasts Important For All New Young Entrepreneurs?


By listening to these podcasts, you may learn about the struggles and accomplishments of other entrepreneurs, as well as advice and methods for starting and expanding your own firm.

Considering several reasons, subscribing to a podcast is indeed an essential tool for beginning young entrepreneurs:

  • Training and understanding

Podcasts provide a variety of material & expertise on a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial-related themes. To provide new business owners with the information necessary to make wise judgements, they can teach them about business strategy, advertising, finance, and management.

  • Making connections

Podcasts are excellent for meeting new businesses, financiers, and industry professionals. Successful business executives are frequently interviewed for podcasts; these conversations may be a great source of knowledge and motivation for aspiring business owners.

  • Keeping up to date

Podcasts can assist new entrepreneurs in keeping relevant on the newest trend and innovations in their field. This can be crucial for business owners in fields that change quickly, like technology, where being up-to-date can be essential to success.

  • Individual growth

Podcasts may be an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs trying to better their individual and business skills. Entrepreneurs may become better managers and leaders by listening to time management, meditation, and leadership podcasts.

  • Relating the experiences

Successful entrepreneurs may be a great source of encouragement and influence: encouragement and influence for budding businesses. Interviews with business owners who overcame significant obstacles an route to success are frequently featured on podcasts, which can be a great source of inspiration and advice.

  • Minimal contribution

Because podcasting is frequently brief and easy to absorb and can typically be listened to while completing other things, they are a low-responsibility method for gathering data and experiences.


For new, podcasts for young entrepreneurs may be a valuable tool for staying educated, inspired, and engaged. Podcasts provide a lot of expertise and information on various issues important to entrepreneurship, including company plans, marketing, finances, and administration. They equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the information they have to make intelligent choices, vital perspectives, and enthusiasm.

In essence, podcasting may be an excellent guide for new and established businesses seeking to learn, develop, and flourish. Along with the chance to network with other business owners, subject matter experts, and financiers, they provide a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance.


Finally, podcasts for young entrepreneurs may be a terrific tool for young businessmen’s to engage with other businesses, investors, and industry leaders, allowing them to grow their networks. They may also assist new business owners in enhancing their professional and personal abilities while staying current with the most recent trends and advancements in their sector.

As a low-commitment method of information access and access to the success stories of other entrepreneurs, podcasts may be a fantastic supplier of encouragement and inspiration. In conclusion, podcasts may be essential for budding young entrepreneur who want to develop, expand, and thrive in their ventures.