Start-Up Netflix’s Next K-Drama: Release Details And Other Insights


Start-Up Netflix’s Next K-Drama: Netflix has released the first trailer for a forthcoming original K-Drama Start-Up. Start-Up will air on Netflix in October 17, 2022. To know more about it, let us jump in. 



From Itaewon Class to Kingdom and Crash Landin On You and, And The King: Eternal Monarch. Netflix has some fantastic Korean dramas originals for the audience to enjoy in the pandemic. It consider like we are getting another brand new series to the genre sooner than expected with the streaming platform. Recently it released the trailer for a brand-new series, Start-Up.

Start-Up Trailer

Check the link below for the Start-Up first trailer:

When will the series release?

Start-Up will air on Netflix in October 17, 2022. And we predict that they will release the first episode on Saturday, October 10. At the same time, we know that the K-drama will premiere at some time in October. Any fixed release date is not being officially announced. Moreover, we foretell that the episode one will be in our hands-on Netflix. The first episode will air in October in the second week. 

Start-Up will become over the Saturday and Sunday 9 PM broadcasting in South Korea from ‘Stranger.’ It wraps up its second season on the 4th. If the first episode premieres on Saturday evening in Korea, we expect the first episode to release on Netflix a few hours later for global audiences.

Who are the cast members of the series?

The main characters are:

  • Bae Suzy will play the role of Seo Dal-Mi 
  • Nam Joo-Hyuk will play the role of Nam Do-San 
  • Kim Sun-Ho will play the role of Han Ji-Pyeong 
  • Kang Han-Na will play the role of Won In-Jae
  • Cho Tae-Kwan will play the role of Alex Kwon 
  • Heo Jung-Eun will play the role of Seo Dal-Mi (young)  
  • Kim Kang-Hoon will play the role of Nam Do-San (young)
  • Nam Da-Reum will play the role of Han Ji-Pyeong (young) 
  • Lee Re will play the role of Won In-Jae (young) 
  • Kim Hae-Sook will play the role of Dal-Mi’s grandmother
  • Stephanie Lee will play the role of Jung Sa-Ha 
  • Yoo Su-Bin will play the role of Lee Cheol-San 
  • Kim Do-Wan will play the role of Kim Yong-San 

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