Striking Out Season 3: Release Date Confirmed Or Canceled!


The Striking Out series is an Irish origin story but was taken to America because of its enormous popularity. It first aired on Acorn TV in March of 2017 and Blinder Films produced it for RTE Television. Both season 1 and 2 of this legal drama have four and six episodes respectively.

After two incredible seasons, Striking Out Season 3 is on the way. This series was filmed in Dublin and stayed for over a year at the top of RTE’s Sunday night ratings. It would not be fair not to give another season for the enjoyment of fans all over the world.

What Happened So Far: A Peek Into The Storyline Of Striking Out Season 1 and 2

The first and second seasons of this legal drama featured four and six episodes. Both seasons were emotional roller coasters for fans with unbelievable twists and turns practically at every next scene.

In the first season, Tara Rafferty discovers that her fiance, Eric Dunbar, is betraying her by having an affair with a coworker. She decides to meet Eric one evening and finds him in a compromising situation when she gets into his room. She disappears from this room due to her state of shock.

Eric follows her and tries to ask forgiveness and explain the circumstances, but his efforts are in vain. As Tara and Eric worked at the same law office, Tara chose to quit and open her own company to help clients who are dealing with marital and domestic troubles.

As the story progresses, she is confronted with tremendous difficulties from powerful people. The cases she works on also disrupt her private life, which she must overcome in order to win her clients’ cases. Tara is still under strain in the second season as she figures out her cases.

The Cast: Striking Out Season 1 And 2


No one can forget the extraordinary acting of the original cast. Fans are wishing for the original cast to return to the series for the third season as well.

The main protagonist character is Tara Rafferty, a Dublin-based attorney specializing in family and divorce law, portrayed by Amy Huberman. Tara’s adulterous ex-fiance and former officemate Eric Dunbar is played by Rory Keenan. Tara’s close friend Vincent Pike is portrayed by Neil Morrissey.

Fiona O’Shaughnessy gets the role of Meg Reilly, a tech whiz and confidential detective. The role of Ray Lamont, who is Tara’s former customer and eventual staff is played by Emmet Byrne. Eric’s father, Richard Dunbar, is portrayed by Paul Antony-Barber. Nick Dunning and Ingrid Craigie get the role of Tara’s lawyer father and legal secretary mother, Conrad and Irene Rafferty.

In the Striking Out season 2, Maria Doyle Kennedy enters the cast as Tara’s current officemate George Cusack. In addition to that, Moe Dunford joins as Sam Dunbar (Eric’s younger brother). Aside from the lead cast members, this series includes various remarkable casts, such as:

  • Conall Keating plays as Steve
  • Kate Gilmore enters as Lucy Whelan
  • Sam McGovern gets the role of Bookworm Joe
  • Natalie Radmall-Quirke as Caroline Walsh
  • Elva Trill plays Gillian
  • Susannah De Wrixon joins as Joan Dunbar
  • Enda Oates gets the role of Phillip McGrath
  • Michael James Ford enters as Nigel Fitzjames
  • Jane Brennan plays Deidre York

Everyone wants most of the key cast members to return and play their roles if ‘Striking Out’ comes again with the third season. Similarly, given the show’s character-driven approach, some additional cast members can be added for season 3.

What Could Happen In Striking Out Season 3?


It is expected that the series will resume up where it left off in Striking Out Season 2. Tara is reached out by one of her client Barry O’Brien in the final episodes. He is having marital problems as his wife has filed a judicial divorce case from him.

He claims that he is very skeptical of Corrine’s actions and that he feels she is planning to seize half of his financial wealth, which includes a fresh company, a gym, and a leisure facility that accounts for £2.5 million. Since Barry will not allow Corrine to eliminate a portion of his job, Tara arranges a new strategy: she recruits Barry’s son Finbar to act as a peacekeeper.

Meanwhile, Richard demands that Eric withdraw the claim against Tara so that Vincent’s investigation can continue. Despite Eric’s advice, Fitzjames admits to being responsible. George unearths some intriguing information regarding the Garda officers that apprehended Ray. Isn’t the third narrative going to be extremely intriguing? We are wishing for further twists in the lives of Tara, Barry, and Coraline in the upcoming season.

What’s The Release Date for Striking Out Season 3


The Striking Out series is an excellent mixture of drama and sleazy political maneuvering. Even individuals who are not that eager about the law have been drawn to this series. Blinder Films has not yet confirmed the date to announce the third season, despite the success of the first two. The creator, James Phelan, seems unsurprised.

Season 3 was supposed to be published in 2020, according to original predictions. However, it was just another gossip as the show is now on hiatus. But, fans do not have to be disappointed as there has been no word on whether or not the show will be canceled. So, we can expect news about season 3 soon.

Amy Huberman played as Tara Rafferty’s tough female protagonist is the most notable cast of Striking Out. Earlier this year, the actress dreamed of season 3 along with the fans. Huberman and all fans around the world were disappointed when there was no news from the RTE about the confirmation of the Striking Out season 3.

Bottom Line

With the above-listed information, it can be understood that both seasons of the Striking Out series are major hits. This series has gained popularity and a huge fan base from all over the world. The Striking Out story is all about the strong female voices and how the main lead will deal with the cases from the law firm that are entangled with her private life.