The Blacklist Season 8: Is It Coming To Netflix?

The Blacklist Season 8
The Blacklist Season 8

The Blacklist Season 8: The Blacklist will be turning for its eighth season on NBC but slightly later than usual. It was delayed due to the virus. Will, that impact season 8 coming to Netflix. And when can we assume that to happen? Let’s take a peek at the current release program for The Blacklist season 8 on Netflix.

COVID-19 disruptions have ravaged productions, and The Blacklist was no different. As you may know, the group films in New York were among the worst affected countries early on in the pandemic. We’ve heard that filming began back in mid-September 2024. And it is currently listed to commence during the mid-fall season as new episodes come prepared.

The Blacklist Season 8

When will The Blacklist season 8 be on Netflix in the US?

Let’s start with the United States. You may learn when Netflix picked up the permit to The Blacklist. And it was at the moment one of the biggest deals hit.

Netflix reportedly gave an eye-watering cost to stream each episode in the regions of $2 million per episode. It said as per the original report.

Nonetheless, Netflix in the US doesn’t get hebdomadal episodes. Those are accessible via catch-up via NBC or Hulu. (unclear whether that’ll move to Peacock shortly).

Every period of The Blacklist has succeeded like clockwork each September. That is what we’re anticipating for 2024 too. Notwithstanding, if the delay to air on NBC has any considerable effect. And it may just be pushed back a month or two, but for the moment. And we’re presuming season 8 to arrive on Netflix in September 2024.

What about other regions of Netflix for streaming?

For the first time, if you’re in Canada, season 7 arrived around the same time as the United States. This year, so you could also expect to see it by the end of 2024.

In particular, in the bulk of Netflix regions now, they get it correctly, typically a few months after the season finale. We presume that’ll happen again for season 8, but we’ll keep you posted.

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