The Blacklist Fans Are Divided: The Last Animated Episode Made The Controversy!


NBC’s popular crime drama show The Blacklist made a massive decision for the audience of the series. They released the last episode of this series in the form of animation. Since we all know that many anime lovers will support them. But there are many fans of The Kazanjian Brothers who don’t like it.

As we all are going through the pandemic situation of coronavirus, we know how it ruined everything. Due to the lockdown of coronavirus, the filming of the last episode was not done. So the production house and team decided to release the end of this season with the animated episode.

Animation Approach of The Blacklist season 7

Well, initially, season seven was set for the 22 episodes, but due to the lockdown of corona, they made it shorter. And for the season 7, the creators of the Blacklist tried something crazy this time.

They fused live-action and animation for the very last episode of season 7. But not everyone liked the theory of the creators for this decision.

NBC got the mixed reviews for this decision. Some people think that the creators took a considerable risk, and some fusion fans thought they shouldn’t ruin the feeling of the show like this. Many people supported this decision too.

The show announced this decision on the twitter:

How they made this possible

Well, initially, everything was set for the last episode of The Blacklist. They didn’t even think about this until the lockdown of coronavirus took place. They started filming the last episode of the show, but unfortunately, it would not have happened. So they decide to choose the alternative part for the episode, and they took the animated path.

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They made the last episode in quarantine, and also the start of the show gave their voice from home.

John Eisendrath and Jon Bokenkamp, who are the creators of this show, said that this series could be made as animation series. And they also added that they should release the comic book of this show.

So this is it, for now for The Blacklist, Stay tuned for more.