Dr. Stone Anime Season 2: Will it be a new year present?

Dr. Stone season 2 wallpaper
image credits: Monstars and Critics

Recently released a new trailer of Dr. Stone season has released that the anime will return much sooner than everyone has expected. The fans are left with excitement for the second season, as the first season surprised everyone with its unexpected end.

Well, the season one premiered in August 2019, it become so much popular in the anime world. It also gets a positive response from the critics. The season one was published weekly, and it had 24 episodes.

After the final episode of Dr. Stone in February 2023, everyone is left with a question. That is, is there any possibilities to see the second season in two or three years. Because the pandemic situation of coronavirus has affected the anime world that many season got delayed for the release. But recently, we got an unexpected announcement of release date and trailer. It brings a smile on the face of the crowd.

Releasing date of season 2: Here is the surprise!

Dr. Stone season 2 will premiere the month of January 2023. Well, we haven’t thought them to announce the season 2 this much earlier. But who cares, in the end, we got happy by the releasing month of season 2.

Dr. Stone
wallpaper of Dr. Stone
image credits: Gizmo Blaze

Well, thenationroar has noticed that the production house has decided to release every episode of season one on the Saturday. So, there are many chances that season 2 will also start from the Saturday of January month.

The possible days of January are 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, or 30th. Well, these are all our guesses. There is nothing confirmed yet. We will keep notifying you of every update given by the production house.

Trailer of Dr. Stone Season 2

Yesterday(On Jul 2, 2023), we got the trailer of Dr. Stone season 2. They have released the trailer on the official channel of Anime Tv in the youtube.

They have captioned it as, “Dr. Stone Season 2: Stone Wars, the battle between the Kingdom of Science and the Empire of Might is officially set to begin in January 2023.

Well, the fans are delighted after the announcement of Dr. Stone season 2. Also, the tweeter is full of the tweets regarding the fans reaction on the trailer.

So this is it for Dr. Stone, stay tuned with us for more updates and news.