Angels of Death Season 2: Everything You Want To Know About!


Angel of death is a show with a significant cult following among anime fans for horror, mixed with deep character study. The first season was released in 2018, and in Japanese, the original title’s name is Satsuriku no Tenshi. It is an adaptation of the hit video game series of the same name and was conceptualized, developed by Makoto Sanada.

This article goes over season 2 of Angel of Death. The show has been on an extended hiatus now entering its fourth year, making fans wonder- when the next season will arrive? What the new characters will be and much more.

What Is The Release Date For Angels Of Death Season 2?


There has been no confirmation of a season 2 by the show’s creator, and news drops here. The lack of information about the new season could be due to it being an anime. Animation takes a long time to be developed, and every frame requires days to be drawn, etc. Unlike live action, there is no physical action production. It is difficult to tell what show is being produced unless someone leaks the details.

Another reason it is taking too long could be the pandemic, as it has taken a toll on the anime industry. This complex, richly drawn world might get the most harshly affected.

The silence and no official comment on the franchise have left many fans cold. No release date is set; however, there are many speculations in the media that it will drop sometime in between 2024-2023. Others have heard rumors that the original network might sell it to Netflix or other streaming platforms.

Who’s In The Cast Of The Angels Of Death Season 2?


The long line of characters the beloved dub artists are back this season. Here is the list of all the brilliant artists that brought these characters to life.

  • Takahiro Sakurai
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Mariya Ise
  • Hōchū Ōtsuka
  • Haruka Chisuga

Furthermore, the English dub artists will also make their return. There is no information available on the new characters as the story of season 1 was quite complete. They would have to create new foes and friends for our heroes to meet. Given the brilliant characters and their voice actors; there is no doubt they will do justice to the show.

Fans have speculated that there are many past characters from Zack’s life who can become a crucial focus. These people would not be part of the main pantheon of the show but would fit right in.

As the show is animated, we can have many of the season 1 characters who are no longer alive in the dream sequence. The show can further delve further into the supernatural aspects for future installments.

Recapping Season 1

It’s been four years since the last season, so let’s do a basic recap of Season 1 to help refresh the memory. When Rachel Gardner of 13 year old, visits a hospital after seeing a traumatic murder. She ends up being unconscious with amnesia; lying down on the floor of level B7 in an underground facility. Every floor is designed to inhabit a dangerous criminal and keep them occupied according to their personalities.

Rachel escapes the inhabitant of floor B7, by going to floor B6, where Isaac Foster lives. Rachel wants Isaac to murder her after recalling more of her life and says she deserves to die. However, Isaac only wants to murder individuals who wish to live, so the two make a deal: if Rachel helps Isaac escape, Isaac will kill Rachel when they do. They then work their way up through each floor, attempting to attain their separate objectives.

A big part of the show’s theme is the idea of grief and having to deal with your trauma inflicted by loved ones. If one cannot get help, there could be no positive way for people to heal. The idea of death has a strong presence in the show, which makes the horror aspect quite effective.

The idea that a therapist who is supposed to help Racheal heal pushers her to death makes it disturbing. Broken individuals who have acted inhumanly are often because they have been treated inhumanely. If a psychopathic individual like Zach has a semblance of a heart, it is not late for everyone.

What Are The Angels Of Death Season 2 Going To Be About?


The ending of Angel of Death season 1 is quite shocking and has created a massive buzz among the community. There has been endless speculation and theorizing about what happened at the end. Racheal took her own life after getting extremely delusional from Zach’s death. However, other fans like to argue that her being an unreliable narrator makes it hard to take it at face value.

The creators would have to tie up all these story threads, and also, her death must lead to some consequences. They might plan a different story off-shooting the main show if her death is genuine. Maybe she is still stuck in the prison of her mind and can further be an engaging alternative story.

The creators can further expand the mythology of the mental hospital, and the show can become its universe of sorts. However, the franchise has had a hard time expanding the story, with the manga unable to break out.

Hopefully, the creators will come up with an original story worth telling and live up to fan expectations.


As time passes, Angel of Death season 2 seems more and more unlikely however it has not stopped fans. Racheal and Zach continue to be all the buzz at the conventions, with cosplayers showcasing their tragic story. The mix of horror and romance genres in Anime is a unique blend that is undeniably effective.

It’s a show built on eternal hope, and the true die-hards are not giving hope for future storylines. The best way to pass only your voice is by requesting new seasons on Crunchyroll and Funimation platform.

You have now learned everything to know about the possible revival of the Angel of Death Show.