Kakegurui Season 3: Will it Ever Happen?


Word on the street is that the Kakegurui TV drama has been canceled. How true is that anyway? It’s been months since the end of the second season. Critics are taking advantage of the long wait to spot our lapses from the much-loved high school anime.

Will the show ever air again? How much longer do we have to wait? Has any of the cast canceled their contracts for the series? We’re sure you have a few of these questions on your mind about the show. That is why LeafletCasino experts, who deal with the best payout casino reviews, decided to answer all these questions about one of the most popular gambling anime.

The Kakegurui Series

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There’s been a lot of fuss about the popular Hyakkou private academy series lately. The Japanese Manga series tells the tales of the introduction of a gambling prodigy in a high school. As expected, the transfer student turned the elite school around in months. His presence stirred up many troubled waters in the once sane high school ecosystem. We had some big names like Minami Hamabe, Aoi Morikawa, and Mahiro Takasugi in the Manga series.

The previous two seasons of Kakegurui were written by Homura Kawamoto and directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa. The level of continuity seen in this drama was expected from an award-winning producer like Hiroo Maruyama. Since the first two seasons did incredibly well, anime lovers haven’t stopped asking about a third dosage. Thankfully, there’s hope for a third season. However, we do not have information on the exact number of episodes this season.

Highlights of Kakegurui

It’s fascinating how the school decided to rank its students based on their skills in gambling. Not academics, not innovations, not sports, or arts. Failure at the Hyakkaou Private Academy attracted deep humiliation from the entire school. Things continued this way for a few sessions until the compulsive gambler and transfer student, Yumeko Jabami, came into the picture. With Yumeko’s skills, one could be convinced he came from a line of gamblers.

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He had the exceptional skills of a seasoned gambler. Patience, paying attention to details, and tenacity were his strengths—essential qualities of a winning gambler. In today’s world, he’d be one of the finest slot players. He’d make massive winnings. Since the show’s release on Netflix in 2018, more gamblers have regained their confidence in online gaming.

Kakegurui Season 3 Release: Canceled or Not?

We haven’t had any official confirmation on the possible release of a season 3 for the show. For an anime adaptation with this level of success, the producers might need enough time to put things in place. Contrary to many beliefs, Kakegurui season 3 has not been canceled. We expect to get the release date for the third season any time soon. Everyone would love to see the impact of the student council president in the next few episodes. The wait should be worthwhile.

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So far, we have snippets on the social media accounts of the cast and crew of Kakegurui. The producers, directors, and cast drop teasers on their social media pages online. Some of this content directly connects to how we envisage season 3 of the anime series to turn out. We’d keep our ears to the ground for a press publication for the official release of Kakegurui season 3. An official trailer from the production team would confirm the release date.

Flashbacks to Kakegurui Season 2

Season 2 of the Japanese Manga series was such a huge success that it got impressive reviews from anime critics. From the concluding part of season 2, we witnessed Yumeko taking down Yumemi’s mask. She revealed Yumemi’s true nature to the school as the bittered idol despite her fans. Things got a lot more Interesting after this seemingly rude act from the new student. Yumeko would always be himself regardless.

Both students raised their bets in the last episode from over forty-five million Yen to their lives. Staking their lives on gambling had to be the most intriguing part of any anime show. It’s safe to say that the scene helped push the show to one of the best gaming anime on TV productions. You can check out the top 5 best gambling anime for Kakegurui’s rank on the list. Everyone awaits the Kakegurui season 3 release date to know the results of their wager.

Aside from the 50 million Yen bet and their lives at stake, both competitors struck a rather odd agreement. Yumeko losing would make her an idol alongside Yumemi. On the other hand, Yumemi risks the chance of her conversations about her true self being released if she loses. Yumeko wagered with Mary Saotome, where they both played Rock-Paper-Scissors Choice. This game was meant to pool election votes. Sadly, it resulted in a tie in season 2.

Can we Expect a Release Date Soon?

Yes, we should expect a public announcement from Studio Mappa somewhere in 2024. We’re sure the characters have been working endlessly to bring the series to our screens. While waiting, Netflix recently announced a spin-off of Kakegurui anime called “Kakegurui Twin.” The trailer of this show is out with intriguing scenes by the line of anime characters. Kakegurui Twin would air in August 2024, giving us a glimpse of Yumeko’s personal life.


After the long-awaited update on Kakegurui’s third season, we expect an official release date or a trailer. Kakegurui lovers should be ready to set their calendars to continue Kakegurui coming 2024. Following the social media posts of key production members, we can expect positive updates in the line of a release soon. With so much suspense at the end of the second season, the production team sure has lots of work to do to meet the expectations of viewers.

While you wait, there are fifteen episodes to catch on the gambling anime story. Each scene features captivating moments of how each character struggled to compete in high school. We expect nothing but more drama, competition, and suspense from the long-awaited season 3.