When will ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Season 2 be on Netflix? All Announcement And Updates


The Korean show ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ is the current craze for the Korean people and many regular Netflix viewers. Big budget Korean show know as the next to Game of thrown. A series is compared with the legendary show got is an end with their first season, and now Viewers have questions in their mind like

Is there season 2 for ‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ if yes, then when it is going to release?

So, here we are with the answer to all your questions, read full articles to get the solutions.

The fiction series is set in a legendary place, which is introducing us to another society in the old city of Arthdal. The show is also famous for its cast, which is lead by Song Joong-ki, Jan Dong-weapon, and the fam of show Kim Ji-won.

The first season of Arthdal Chronicles was released every week on Netflix. The Production starts releasing the show from June 1st, 2019 to the November of 2019 they give a single episode week by week.

In the first season, there were 18 episodes, and at the ending of the 18th episode, the show gave a hint, and we can say an announcement. Which was “the legend of Arth will continue again.”

This hint made a question in the mind of viewers.


Should there be a season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles?

As we got regarding the complaints about working conditions. But the fan following and reviews promoting the production house to renew the series with a new season. And the fate of the show is still unknown, but there have been some reports of a renewal.

In the interview with the production house in Korea, we got statements like, “Season 2 is possible only with the support of the crew and the support of many viewers. We will review the various conditions and make the final decision as soon as possible, and the crew will do their best to do Season 2.” from the production house.

Netflix is promoting the K-drama nowadays so that the renewal of the series have many chances. If you love to watch K-drama, then Netflix is going to the best streaming app for you for the next some months, at least.

From all the reports, we hope that the renewal of the new season will be announced soon. Stay tuned for the latest updates.