‘Black Mirror’ season 6: Expected Date, Cast, Trailer, And Many More


Black Mirror is a British science-fiction tv series, which is made by Charlie Brooker. It is based on the older anthology series named The Twilight Zone, which was so controversial and so accessible.

The Black Mirror series is showing the current world and generation, such as it shows the new technology and the technology which we are going to use in the upcoming future. They have indicated the pros and cons of the technology, which is quite unusual for the technical person.

Is there a new season? When?

Since season 5 was so unsatisfied in terms of releasing, we can’t assume best for this season again. The 5th season of the series was released after six months of delay, then they announced, and also, the number of episodes was reduced to just three from 6.

Season 6 would be expected in the last 2024. Let’s see how much time season 6 consumes.

The trailer of Season 6

There is no trailer or teaser available for season 6.

The cast for season 6 

There is no update about the star cast of season 6. But surely they will add a new actor into season 6.


The show, which includes the big megastar like Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, and Bryce Dallas Howard, is already a blockbuster show. But according to the news, there will be a whole new cast for the upcoming season. So, we can expect some more new celebrities for the show.

Plot Might be

From the first season till now, we get all-new stories and all-new mystery in each episode. Like the last season, there are only three episodes in the season, so we can’t even expect the big story. So the season will follow the trend.

We hope that they will saw all new technologies with real-life concepts so that the audience can relate and get interested in the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for the other updates of the season 6.