Extracurricular: Will there be a season 2? Find out more details


How far can a person go to achieve dreams? To find the answer, we need to get to the darker side of the Netflix original’s Korean drama series, Extracurricular. Within a few days since the release of its first season, the show became one of Netflix’s most popular Korean dramas.

The ending of the first seasons has left us all amazed. People are already waiting for the second season to binge-watch. But is there any information we need to know about season 2? My answer is YES! Through this post, we will share with you all the details of the upcoming season of Extracurricular.

What is Season 1 of Extracurricular all about?

Extracurricular is a Netflix Original dark crime Korean series. Jim Han Sae and Kim Jin-Min are the writers and the director of the show, respectively. The show is about society and its dark side affecting teenagers, questioning the current generation.

‘Extracurricular’ tells the story of high school students indulging themselves in criminal activities in order to earn extra money. The lead protagonist of the series is Oh Ji Soo.

The story revolves around his life, as he commits crimes to fulfill his dream of studying at a good university. Upon influencing from Oh Ji Soo, other students as well get involved in these criminal activities to make quick money.

But there’s no turning back once you enter the world of crime. And this is what that exactly happens to students. From model students, they all turn into petty criminals. And they go deeper and deeper that their actions end them up into some dangerous consequences.

Season 2 will be the continuation of this. It will be about the journeys of the students as they try to get back to their normal lives.

Release Date: Extracurricular Season 2

Unfortunately, there is no official news yet about the renewal of season 2 for Extracurricular. But when we talk about the ending of the season, we can expect one. As season 1 ended with suspense, we can see the show coming back with a sequel.

Although it is too early for Netflix as well to make any announcements as the season 1 aired recently, but still, we can hope that Netflix quickly renews the show for a season 2.

Who will all be there in Extracurricular Season 2?

In case there is any season 2, then we expect the entire main cast comeback with their respective roles.

The main cast of ‘Extracurricular’ consists of:

  • Kim Dong-hee as Oh Ji-soo
  • Jung Da-bin as Seo Min-hee
  • Park Ju-Hyun as Bae Gyu-Ri
  • Nam Yoon-soo as Gi-tae

In supporting roles, we can see:

  • Choi Min-soo as Lee Whang-Chul
  • Park Hyuk-Kwon as Cho Jin-woo
  • Kim Yeo-jin as Lee Hae-gyoung.

Is there any Trailer or teaser? 


The show is available on Netflix to watch.

Till now, there is no trailer or teaser for season 2 available. But we can expect it anytime soon. Till the time, you can watch the trailer of Season 1. It might change your view is you haven’t watched the show yet.