Can Parrot Be Left Alone? 4 Things You Need to Know


Owning a pet helps keep the mind off of unnecessary things. Just by being there, they make your lives a little easier and a lot more positive.

Since everyone cannot take care of pet animals because they require a daily walk and consideration, they should get a pet bird. Parrots are among the most loved pet birds as they are spirited and brilliant. The colorful birds can even imitate the sound of nature and humans, so it is a pleasure to be around them.

But, like any other living organism, they also need care and attention to stay joyful, secure, and lively. If you wish to include a parrot in your home, you ‌should know that these social animals get depressed when left unattended. They demand human relations and attention constantly to function well.

What if you want to go on a vacation abroad with just your family and friends? Can you leave your pet parrot alone for such a long time? Please continue scrolling to find an answer.

Is it Alright to Leave a Pet Parrot Alone While You Are Abroad?


Just like some human beings, parrots are highly social animals requiring constant regard from their holders. If they are robbed of it for more than six to eight hours a day, it might affect their well-being. Like a companion, you must spend at least two hours with them daily to keep them peaceful and active.

Parrots are intelligent birds that can track your timetable. Since they are very much reliant on their owners for interaction, you may get two parrots to give yourself a little freedom from the responsibility after spending the whole day at work.

In simpler words, it is alright to leave a parrot alone while you are away, but only if you have two of them to ensure it does not deprive them of a companion. You may also find here the best bird boarding services to keep them company while you are on a vacation.

Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility must not be taken casually. You have to consider several factors before actually getting one.

  • To strengthen the bond with a pet, you must interact with them for two hours daily.
  • If you cannot offer them time, they might get aggressive and indifferent towards you.

Since parrots regard their holders as a part of their flock, they look forward to spending a fixed number of hours with them to strengthen the bond. But if you fail to offer them consideration, they might always look at you as a stranger.

4 Things to Understand About Keeping a Parrot As a Pet Bird:

They Tend to Be Destructive


If you consider letting a pet parrot alone in your home is safe, you are wrong. These intelligent and clever creatures can create havoc in a matter of a few hours when no one is around. Several parrot owners complain about their pets freeing them out of their cages on their own and pooping around the house, chewing on things, and even shredding the couch.

Irrespective of their size, they are capable of finding multiple uses of everything to destruct your space, notably when annoyed and left unattended for an extended duration.

They Can Be Very Loud

You must have seen feral parrots reaching out to their partners using loud screeches, squawks, and other sounds. Although pet birds are usually not that much noise, they can also be terrible to be around, especially when let alone inside a house.

So, if you think your friends can deal with them being loud and needy for most of the day, you may contemplate getting one. It is crucial to note that parrots are boisterous when they require interaction and are tired. If a parrot calls you, they are most likely bored, and the larger they are, the harsher their call is.

They Are Temperamental


You will be astonished to read that parrots carry the brains of a human toddler. While these creatures can manipulate their minds for clever purposes, they possess their temperament as well. When a pet parrot is left unattended for a lengthy duration, they throw the same tantrums as a human infant.

Emanating from tension and lethargy, you can anticipate them to sulk by noticing them pecking, munching, hissing, and displaying their back, and rumpled feathers. In rare cases, you may even find them refusing to consume and clutching on their feathers.

They Demand a Lot of Consideration

As discussed earlier, parrots are clever creatures who track your timetable to connect with you. If you start connecting with them at definite times, they hope you do so daily. But if you are unable to offer them concentration for a minimum of two hours a day, it is time to reconsider your decision to bring one home.

It is troublesome for these creatures to adapt to sudden changes in your schedule. So, they might act crudely in the beginning and throw tantrums. But with time, they will adapt. You must have a considerable amount of patience with these creatures and pay special attention to your timetable and their character.

Parting Thoughts

Parrots are sociable creatures who love being in the presence of other birds and humans. They can go all day speaking to you, interacting in some way or other. The one thing they cannot tolerate is loneliness. They require your undivided attention to make the bond stronger. So if you are away for too long, they might start ignoring you when you return or throw tantrums.

But it does not mean they forget about you altogether. You only have to make up for the lost time, and they will be as accepting of your comeback.

We hope the above tips help you care for a pet parrot while away. Although it is vital to put these suggestions in mind, we recommend you get them in pairs to keep each other company while you are away, or turn on the television or radio give them the image of someone being around.