The Misfit Of Demon King Academy: Anos & Emilia’s Face-off!

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Anos has won his first in the Magic Sword Tournament, going up in opposition to and trouncing a Royalist demon in single combat. This has already ruffled some feathers.

Anos’ father, Gusta, forged a mighty sword and filled the energy of familial love into it; as per the tournament’s rules, the sword must be saved somewhere in between matches. Anos’ mother, Izabella, meanwhile, volunteers to lift the weapon to a storage area, but on her moonlit trip there, someone receives in her way.

The Ambush

Emilia, one of the teachers at the Misfit of Demon King Academy, intercepts Izabella and her Unitarian escorts, explaining that she ought to take responsibility for Anos’ sword (being a member of the steerage committee). She says that it is only ideal and that Izabella need no longer trouble herself with it. Izabella is as a substitute attached to that sword, however, and has a terrible feeling about Emilia’s sudden approach. She and the Unitarians courteously decline, and Emilia takes offense at once. That, and she is outraged that her brother Krut had lost to Anos the misfit hybrid, and decides to retaliate in opposition to Izabella and her Unitarian fellows.

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Emilia charges up practical offensive magic and launches it at Izabella’s party, and the Unitarians do what they can to throw up magical barriers to climate the assault. Their power is limited, and Emilia sneers as she ramps up her energy to overwhelm the defenders. She is a pureblood Royalist demon, and she name callings at the idea of hybrids resisting her. The Unitarian college students are severely injured, as is Izabella’s leg, meaning she is cornered. That’s when Anos arrives.

Newfound Humility

Anos is rapid to defend his mom and his Unitarian allies, and he overwhelms Emilia while recuperating Izabella and the Unitarians. He takes the time to learn all the Unitarian students’ names and says a few comforting phrases to them, then turns on Emilia and teleports them both to the arena. There, Anos receives ready to flip the tables.

Image: Funimation

Anos’ magic power is markedly higher than Emilia’s, and he impales her with a sword and demands that she pay the charge for assaulting innocent humans like that. Emilia stands her ground, and when Anos demands that she well known him as the true demon king, she says so insincerely. Anos is disgusted by using her pride and lies, so he makes use of advanced magic first to kill Emilia outright, then revives her as a hybrid demon, whole with a new body and even new hair and eyes. Emilia is taken aback and dismayed by this transformation. Her supposedly inferior status shatters her lofty pleasure as a Royalist pureblood. She even swipes Anos’ blade and tries to take her personal life to get away the same, but it is no good. Anos cursed Emilia so that she will revive anytime she dies by using his hand, and now she must view the demon world from a new and higher balanced perspective.

At the very least, this should forestall Emilia from antagonizing innocents like the Unitarians or Anos’ family ever again.