The Paper House ‘Money Heist’ Season 4: La Casa De Papel To Premiere This April 2024! Netflix Confirms


Cease! You read it right, the launch date of this much-awaited period of this Spanish thriller play’Money Heist’ was declared by flowing giant Netflix.

The millions of enthusiastic audiences of more episodes of this Spanish victory of Netflix’s La Casa de Papel have something different to anticipate: the fourth year is prepared, along with the wait to appreciate its exciting episodes that may not belong. We tell you what we know about the fourth year of La Casa de Papel and with no spoilers!

Notably, the Argentine commented the fourth year”is already listed and also has a launch date in January. We’re delighted”.

But today, Netflix has formally declared through its twitter handle the fourth period of Spanish crime play’Money Heist’ will hit the screens on 4th April 2024.

Unofficial tips about a possible 5th season drifted around from the web, plus several actors did not appear to wear closing graduation with year 4. Now, manufacturer, Jesus Colmenar affirmed the continuation of the Netflix series and hinted in a spin-off.

Already in October, the Spanish tabloid Formula TV reported they had only heard the affirmation of a 5th-year-old. The shooting this ought to kick in 2024, beginning right after the premiere of Season 4 to Netflix. The pre-production is currently in full swing, as mentioned by a few sources. The yield of celebrity Alvaro Morte is presently specific.

Also, he stated that there’d be a 5th season. Alvaro Morte consented and stated that you could say a fifth time is at the preparation phase.

Anyone who has questions following the forthcoming, likely exceptionally psychological Season 4 finale, won’t be left behind from Netflix. The question of if another season is going to be divided into half an hour, as before, remains available.