How Do You Know It Is Time to Get New Glasses?


If you wear glasses for any reason, how do you know it is time to get a new pair? Glasses wear off with time, and you will start experiencing some changes. You can always get a good pair of sunglasses at to protect your eyes. If you notice the following signs, it might be time to update your glasses and get a new pair.

1. Blurred Vision


If you start to see blurry visions whenever you are looking, reading a book, or a text, it might be the best time to get new glasses. The good thing about this is that you don’t necessarily need a prescription to get new glasses. You can buy progressive lenses to increase the focus of your glasses. However, for this option, you need to visit an eye doctor for advice. If you have myopia and the glasses are no longer doing their job, you need to visit your eye doctor for a new prescription. This is important to have the glasses changed for better focus. Even if your glasses are in good working condition, your prescription might need some adjusting. So, go for an eye exam to see what you need to get better. The most crucial thing is having routine eye exams even without any symptoms.

2. Squinting

The main purpose of prescription glasses is to improve your eyesight. So, if you find yourself always squinting when looking at your smartphone, computer screen, or any device, there is an issue with your glasses. The best thing to do is wear computer eyewear to block the blue light from the screen. Wearing computer glasses makes the objects on the screen appear clear so that you don’t need to squint. The glasses should also leave your eyes comfortable the moment you remove them after work. This is very crucial during online learning to avoid different health problems.

3. Headaches


If you are having frequent headaches, the problem could be vision-related. It could be an undiagnosed eye problem or outdated glasses. It is crucial to see your doctor for an eye test to ensure your prescription is right. Another reason you might be experiencing headaches when wearing glasses could be a problem with the frames. If the frames are pulling back your ears because they are too tight, they could be causing headaches. Adjusting your frames could solve the headache problem. If there is no way to rectify the frames, you should get a new pair of glasses.

4. Damaged Lens

With time, your glasses will get old. While a problem with the frames will not affect your lenses, scratches will. Scratches on the lenses can cause damage that will ruin your vision and, in turn, cause eye strain. One thing that could ruin the lens coating is cleaning your glasses with hot water. It is crucial to use the right cleaning products for your lenses to avoid damage.

5. Style Upgrade


If you want to go with fashion, upgrading your glasses is also another reason. So, you can upgrade the frames and lenses to match the style you want. This is very important, especially when different pieces go out of style. You might also need a new pair if you are looking for variety. If you are a person who likes collecting, having a collection of glasses can suit your need. So, every pair of glasses you buy must be customized to fit your face and your needs.

6. Double Vision

If you are experiencing double vision, there could be serious underlying problems. It is crucial to see an eye doctor to have your eyes checked. Some of the reasons for double vision could be keratoconus or crossed eyes. In case you are diagnosed with cross-eyes, the doctor will prescribe better glasses with more prismatic power than the previous one. The work of the prismatic power is to help in rectifying the eye problem and remove the double vision issue.

7. Irregular Eye Exams


With age, there are a lot of things that change in our bodies. One of them is vision. This means that your prescription will also change with age. Therefore, if you have not been getting frequent eye exams, it is time to start. Your eye doctor will ensure your eye health is in good shape, and you can get up-to-date glasses. During an eye exam, the eye doctor will assess your eyes for various vision issues and other health conditions that might interrupt your vision. For instance, they will need to test the sharpness of your eyes using a visual acuity test. If you have problems distinguishing colors, a color blindness test will be done. The doctor will also carry out a motility test to test the strength of your eye muscles.

8. Glasses Showing Age

If your glasses have started looking old, you might need to replace them with new ones. This is necessary even if the vision has not changed. If the lenses are scratched, old and bent frames, you need to have them changed with new ones. If you have old glasses with scratched lenses, there might be harming your eyes without even you knowing it. It is best to buy a new pair with an enhanced vision to make the experience better. You can also switch your glasses to match your functionality and lifestyle. If you need to improve the UV protection, look for glasses specifically designed for that.


These are several reasons why you might need a new pair of glasses. Whether it is for aesthetics or health reasons, getting new glasses comes with numerous benefits. If you are having headaches and blurred vision, you should see an eye doctor for examination and prescription. Other reasons to get new glasses include age, UV protection, fashion needs, lens damage, and so on. Having the right pair of glasses ensures you don’t strain your eyes. Remember, straining the eyes can lead to different vision problems that you might not know of until they happen. If it has been a while since you last changed your glasses, take some time to see if you need a new prescription and go for it. It will help you to maintain your eye health.