What Should You Do After Losing an iPhone? – 2024 Guide

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Your iPhone must contain sensitive data that is risky to share with anyone. But what will happen if one loses his phone? It’s okay if you panic initially and may not know how to get your mobile back. Instead of getting panic, you must control your emotions and try your best to find your smartphone.

Anyone can steal sensitive information from your mobile. It can be extremely dangerous for you. The moment when you realize that your Apple mobile is no longer with you, stop being panicked and think of solutions. If one does not know the things to do next, this write-up will let you know the right methods.

We will discuss what a person must do after losing his Apple phone. There are plenty of things that a person can do. It is necessary to keep trying until you start tracking the device because you cannot afford to lose your Apple device.

1. Call on Your Number

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When you realize that you lost your Apple device, you must grab another device and call on your phone number immediately. Many thieves switch off the phone after stealing it to avoid further access. If your device is ringing, it is possible that it might not have been stolen, and it is near you.

Instead of worrying too much, you must find your Apple mobile by listening to the ringtone. You must call until you find the missing mobile. Sometimes, your iPhone may fall from the pocket without knowing about it. If you are stuck in such a situation, then you will surely get it.

2. Use ‘Find My iPhone’ Application

There is always a risk of losing the Apple phone, and it is necessary to be careful always. When you buy an iPhone, you must set up the app and enable the settings of sending the last activated location.

When you lose your Apple phone, you can open this application on another mobile and get complete access to the Apple phone. One can detect the device’s last location and reach there to find it. One can easily use this application on your PC or computer to go through the map thoroughly.

3. Lock the Apple Device

When anyone steals the phone, the main aim is to access the private data and misuse it. But you can prevent it by locking the phone by using the Find My iPhone application. You must open your Apple account and change the password to prevent anyone’s access to the account and confidential information.

You can easily lock your Apple phone and stored data even if the device is lost. The process takes a few minutes, and it can save you from further danger.

4. Use GPS for Device Tracking

If you are unable to call on your number, you can operate the GPS to find the device location. Many people activate the GPS, which helps detect the last location of the device when it is activated.

If you have logged into your Google account, it is easy to get the last location through your GPS. It is an easy way to find your phone but make sure that you keep activating the GPS settings in your smartphone.

5. Track Your Number

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You can get plenty of online applications like viespy.com through which you can easily track the Apple number. There is no need to install any application on the mobile. You need to enter your number and monitor your device.

It works if your SIM is inside the device. If someone has taken the device or it falls, one can operate this application for tracking the number and receive the exact location. You can reach there and find your phone.

6. Remove the Information

If one cannot connect your device by using GPS or calling, it means that the sensitive information on the phone is in danger. You must understand that the thief has already removed the SIM as well as the battery. Your Apple mobile is switched off, and he can easily access the data whenever he wants without giving any idea.

It is better to remove all the crucial data before anyone else misuses it. You can remove the data, i.e., connected with cloud accounts. You can log in to Google or iCloud and remove all the sensitive data. Make sure that you have a backup of everything before you remove it.

7. Call the Police and File a Report

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If you have already done everything to find the phone but you cannot track it, then it is time to contact the police and file a report. You must share how you lost the Apple device and things you did to track it.

The police will note all your phone details and start tracking with their advanced methods. There are fewer chances to get your Apple iPhone back, but you can claim insurance. You can file your case online without going to the police station. You can get insurance for your Apple iPhone when you prove it is not lost but stolen.

8. SIM Deactivation

You should rush to the nearby mobile network office where one can request for SIM deactivation. Thieves have already destroyed the card to avoid any access in various cases. But one cannot afford to lose all the contacts. Ensure that you deactivate the old SIM and ask for the new one. You can report the robbery and get a new contact card easily.

9. Change Passwords of Online Accounts

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You can log in to different social accounts and change their passwords. In this way, no one will access such applications on the iPhone. The information will remain secure on these sites. When you change all the passwords, make sure that you log out of all the synced devices. In this way, you can secure all your social accounts.

Final Thoughts

When you lose your iPhone, you should immediately do all the mentioned things. Instead of panicking, you have to control your mind and try to track your device. These solutions are quite effective, but you have to be quick once you realize that you do not have your smartphone.