How To Track Your Phone’s Location By Using Your Phone Number


Tracking someone’s phone location sounds crazy and we all think it suits hackers, detectives, or secret services. However, today the technology has moved to the next level, and almost anyone can track the location of the phone using various applications.

For example, a new app called uMobix lets you track your phone’s location, determine its exact time of arrival, and more. Did you know can determine someone’s phone’s location by phone number when it comes to devices like Android, iOS phones, and tablets? Yes, that is possible! So, let’s see, at, why people want to track the location of a phone by number and how that can be realized.

Why Does Someone Want To Track The Location Of A Cell Phone?


Each individual has a different reason to know someone’s location – and tracking a number on a cell phone would be the best option to know more about someone’s presence or absence. Here are some good reasons why people want to monitor the location of a cell phone.

  • Parents want to know the current location of their children

Young teenagers spend more nights at their friend’s houses and get involved in one-night partying and drug abuse. For children who are using mobile phones, it is not strange that their parents lurk to follow the location of their phones – to know where the teenagers are hanging out. Most parents prefer to use a mobile tracker app to monitor a teen’s GPS location to track the teen’s current, accurate, and hidden whereabouts remotely and secretly to ensure the teen’s safety from predators, spies, and pedophiles. However, they can also track their phones by their numbers.

  • Employers track the location of employees

Today, employers use tracking the location of business-owned devices available to employees when they work from home. Location tracking technology for phones and computing devices is best today if you want to locate employees during business hours. Employers create so-called geofences around employees – to know when employees are entering or going outside the ‘virtual fence’. They usually use Google Maps for such things. They can see the MAP and keep an eye on employee digital devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Certainly, some new software that tracks phone numbers can be extremely useful because they are reliable and discreet.

Tracking The Location By Phone Number


Parents, employers, and individuals usually track the location of a phone by number when their device is lost or stolen. They use phone GPS applications to track pre-incident digital devices – and later to track the location of devices in case of loss or theft. In this way, they try to save the device and the data stored on the devices. Phone tracking applications allow users to retrieve or delete data on the phone if they cannot detect the lost device.

However, according to, new software solutions can be even safer because they will not store any of your data on their server. That means that no one else can see your information – which gives you complete control over the entire process.

How Tracking Cell Phones By Number Works In Practice?

When you use one of the phone tracking services by number – you will send an anonymous text message with a link connected to the website. The website has nothing to do with cell phone surveillance or spying at all. Next, you get the IP address of the target mobile phone. You will receive email notifications and will receive return emails that will provide you with an IP address and a geolocation view.

Does Tracking Phone By Number Work On Android OS?


Want to track the location of a phone that works with Android and iOS operating systems? You can do this in different cases. You can find out your lost or stolen device or the location of the device if you’re tracking the phones of your children, employees, etc. If you want, you can locate the Android phone using a phone number. It is enough to use the services of certain services that offer you phone tracking by number. In that case, all you have to do is type in the number you are interested in and want to track. After that, just one click is enough and you will have the location and the exact time frame where the phone you are interested in is located. However, if the android is turned off or the battery is removed from it – this service will not help you much.

Track Cell Phone Location Using A Number Running On iOS

If you want to know someone’s iPhone location, you must first check if the service also works for the iPhone. If not, you always can use different spy applications, but keep in mind that they are not very reliable in all cases. While many iPhone tracking software claims to be able to keep track of text messages, phone calls, appointments, and WhatsApp logs – don’t always take it literally. However, it is always better to use the services of trusted companies that use licensed software. We are sure that you will then be able to find out where the target device’s user is.

Is Phone Tracking By Number Legal?


Today, many people for various reasons resort to tracking the phone by number. However, many question whether such a thing is legal or is a violation of privacy. Who is responsible in that case? We must point out that the reliable companies that offer you this type of service have the necessary licenses. However, it is up to you and your responsibility to follow the phone of someone whose approval you do not have. It is very often the case that this type of evidence is also rejected in court disputes – because there was no approval from the other party to monitor the phone. Moreover, then you may bear the consequences.

The Bottom Line

Today, there are so many ways and different applications available on the Internet – that are claimed to track the location of a phone by number. We are not saying that the methods and applications are not original, but we would say that it is better to rely on some of the reputable services. Otherwise, you could pay for services that are not reliable, and you certainly don’t want that.