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Suicide Squad 2: Air Date, Cast, Plot, Harley Quinn’s New Look

The sequel to the blockbuster hit Suicide Squad is going to release soon. The fans have waited for the release of this for a long time. This film is expected to release in 2020. This superhero film is based upon the DC Comics antihero team Suicide Squad. It is being set for distribution by Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad: Release date and many more.

This movie is releasing under the universe of DC, and it has blown the minds of the fans away. DC previously has done Batman which itself was a blockbuster hit movie with an engrossing storyline and was a big hit, but this time, The Suicide Squad has gained a considerable amount of fan’s support for the release.


Suicide Squad was going according to the plot of an organization that was created by the supervillains to save the world from the other criminal organizations. Joker, Harley Quinn, Dead shot, and many supervillains were recruited in this organization to fight against the crime around the world, and keeping this as the reason. These criminals were being given freedom under the prior agreement that had happened between them.

Suicide Squad : Star-Cast and important updates.

As always, Batman took the lead of the team, but again, he has issues with the agreement that has happened between them. But this movie has left us with a state of confusion that whether Amanda Waller will get to know the real identity of Batman or not.


In this upcoming season, a man has committed suicide, but most of the peoples assumed it to be a murder. So they hired a force to figure out the real reasons behind his death. The power came and checked all the possible trials and errors but eventually did not find anything.


But near the intermission of the movie, a lady who is assumed to be the colleague and girlfriend of that person showed her face. She is intelligent and is a mastermind related to this case. She had the power to trap all the force inside her vicious circle. But they all could not picture this as reality. But around the end of the movie, the person who had joined the army recently was an average person. He finds out the truth about her and traps her down.

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