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Black Clover Chapter 259: Postponed Or On-Track?

Hey, Ya fellas! Wassup? Hope everyone safe and sound. Moreover, hope everyone is mentally stable. This pandemic period has challenged our physical, social, and mostly mental health. This article is all about the release date of Black Clover and rest news regarding its 259th chapter.
Things are currently warming up among Asta and Yami against Dante. Nonetheless, it appears that fans should hold up a little longer as Black Clover Chapter 259 will be taking a one-week break.

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As of now, the report suggests that there won’t be any new chapter this weekend. But, Black Clover’s author isn’t on the leave. Instead, it is the Olympics that has caused this setback. So, Black Clover’s manga won’t release this week.
Moreover, if the manga series isn’t releasing this week. Then what about the web version of the series? When will it release?

Black Clover: The Release Date

Because of the Olympics occasion, Shueisha needs to delay the arrival of the latest trend Black Clover manga section. Dark Clover isn’t the main manga that has been influenced by this occasion. Indeed, even My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Dr. Stone manga arrangement have been placed in the break.
Anyway, when is the new discharge date of Black Clover manga Chapter 259? As reported on the last spread of Chapter 258, Black Clover Chapter 259 will be discharged on August 2, 2020.

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Where to find it?

Aside from getting the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue, you can likewise read the forthcoming section on the web.  One can find the Black Clover manga on the official site of the series.
On the off chance that you can’t locate the most recent section of the manga on the scheduled discharge date, we suggest checking the official site of Black Clover. You can likewise visit the related media channels to check whether there’s another delay or timetable changes for the arrival of the 259th section of Black Clover.

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