Black Clover Chapter 261: Find Out Asta’s New Trouble?


Black Clover Chapter 261: Black Clover has been one of the fantastic Isekai anime of 2024. The chapters are increasing excitement and the anxious day by day. So, here is all the information related to the episode 261, including the spoiler. Check out How Asta is going to combat this menace!

Release Date: Black Clover Chapter 261

Accordingly, The Viz has announced that “Black Clover” Chapter 261 is going to have a new release date soon. There is a delay in the release. But the next chapter is all set to release on August 23 instead of Aug. 16. So don’t be worried about it too much.

The Storyline:

Black Clover Chapter 261
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After rescuing the final blow and defeating Dante Zogratis, Asta collapses for the use of devil’s powers. At that time, Yami rushes to catch him and praises his efforts in the battle. Vanessa Enoteca and Finral Roulacase also arrive to compliment Yami and Asta. On the other hand, Yami hands over Asta to Finral and walks toward Dante. He remains lifeless after the battle.

Yami tells Finral should have restrained Dante. He notes how Dante was a massive obstacle for them. And finally, they were able to capture the enemy’s top devil host. However, to their horror, Zenon Zogratis arrives. The skewers Yami was also using his bones. Yami thinks he has messed up this time and is unable to move.

Black Clover Chapter 261
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What Is expected To Have In The New Chapter: The Spoiler:

There are many expectations as  Zenon arrives in the last chapter. Afterward, Asta’s struggle reaches new heights. With Yami Sukehiro in trouble, Asta needs to find a way to deal with this new menace. Now, what is this real trouble, and how he is going to deal with it is a question! To have an answer to this, fans must wait until the release date.