Black Clover Chapter 264

Black Clover Chapter 264
Black Clover Chapter 264

Black Clover Chapter 264 will release by this Sunday, 13 Septemeber 2023. All anime and manga fans of Black Clover are very thrilled about what is going to happen next. Black Clover is one of the most succeed manga in the Manga and Anime industry. The article contains previous chapter overview, release date, and spoilers. 

Black Clover is a Japanese manga seriesYūki Tabata is the writer and illustrator of this series. Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine periodically updates this manga every week since February 2015. In July 2023, it has a collection of 25 tankōbon volumes.

Black Clover Chapter 263: Overview

This Chapter here will focus on Asta. In a magical realm, Asta remains the only one without unusual abilities. With the help of sorcerers from Black Bulls, he schemes to become the next Wizard monarch.

Asta Black Clover

Yuno observed that Asta arrived with Nacht, whereas the captain wonders who this intruder is? As captains try to attack, Nacht process four devils and stop them from attacking.

With the gate opening, Captain Yami and William Vangeance will die. Yami might escape the fate, but the case of William remains unknown to us. The Qliphoth will start in seven days depicting the seven degrees of the underworld.

Magic used in the chapter 263:

  • Mercury Magic
  • Slash Magic
  • Briar Magic


Black Clover Chapter 264!


Black Clover Chapter 264
Black Clover Chapter 264
Source: Funmanga

Black Clover Chapter 264 spoiler is not yet surfacing over the web, but will soon pop up in the form of manga raw scan leaks. Meanwhile Asta, Charlotte and other knights are interested in saving Yami. However, Yuno is the only who wish to save William Vengeance first. Chapter 264 will give the glimpses of new Black Bulls power and will introduce many devils.

As far we know, Ncaht is the devil host, and it means that Asta will soon become one of them after learning the power to control his powers. 

There will be three more days before that start of the opening gate to the underworld. But primary concern knowing the time as crucial element and Asta’s ability, Will Nacht be able to help Asta to succeed in becoming a stronger warrior?

When will Black Clover Chapter 264 release?

Black Clover Chapter 265 is prepared to release on September 13, 2023 Sunday.

If the date remains unchanged from the editors sides, we can expect English translation in merely few hours of the release. English translation available in different time zones are:

  • Central Time: 11 am on 13 Septemeber, Sunday.
  • Pacific Time: 9 am on 13 Septemeber, Sunday.
  • British Time: 5 pm on 13 Septemeber, Sunday.
  • Eastern Time: Noon on 13 Septemeber, Sunday.

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