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One Piece Chapter 990; Scheduled Release Details

One Piece fans can be excited and thrilled with the imminent release of the next chapter of the classic. The show debuted in 1999 has been successful in keeping their core fans invested for over Twenty-One years. Along the way, the creators have found new avenues and ways to garner a massive modern fanbase too. Eiichiro Oda deserves a lot of praise for his imaginative creation.

One Piece Chapter 990 Media
One Piece edges towards a 4-digit serial number for the classic Anime.

Scheduled release for chapter 990:-

Chapter 990 of the One Piece is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, September 13, 2020. The time of release is set at 00:00 Hours in Japanese Standard Time. However, it will differ considerably from region to region when it comes to other countries.

The usual Anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll and AnimeLab will definitely stream the latest episode. Although the English dubbed version will come out a bit later on.

The plot of One Piece and why it’s a classic:-

There are countless rolling on the floor laughing comedies in the Anime universe. However, if that is putting off this show, you’re in disarray.

One Piece is about something different entirely. It’s about Nakama. Nakama, a Japanese word generally pointing towards comrades, receives an altogether new feeling in One Piece. Stand by your Nakama, belief in them no matter what goes down, no matter what anyone does or says. Support them in any situation, even if it means putting your being on the line. With him, you can do anything. And it is this extreme sense of camaraderie that makes you absolutely invested in the characters and wish the viewer could be a part of the strange squad.

It also teaches how humans are allowed to have flaws. In fact, all people do: seemingly perfect Swordsman and first mate Roronoa Zoro has no sense of direction whatsoever. He can quickly get himself lost on any one-way street, navigator Nami is crazy for money, cook Sanji loses his mind once he sees a lady. This list goes on and on. But despite these flaws, they continue fighting. For each other and with each other. If one crewmember can’t do it, somebody else will be right there for support.

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