One Piece Chapter 980- Release Date, Update and Spoilers!

One Piece
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Chapter 979 of One Piece hasn’t been released yet, and we already got another bad news. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release date of the manga chapters is starting to get affected.

Normally, One Piece manga chapters are released weekly. However, because everything is at a standstill right now, the manga chapters will not be released weekly anymore; instead, they will be released bi-monthly or twice a month.

This will happen for all the mangas out there. Bi-monthly mangas will be released once a month only, and weekly mangas will be released twice a month.

One Piece
One Piece
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From now on, we will have to wait twice long for a new chapter of a manga. Many times fans can barely wait the given time. It is an unfortunate situation that we will have to overcome.

After the release of Chapter 979 of One Piece, Chapter 980 will be released on Sunday, 24th May, 2024. 

The spoilers of new One Piece chapters are generally released 3 days in advance. So, we will get the spoilers of Chapter 980 somewhere in the 3rd week of May, 2024.

The raid in Onigashima Island has just started, and we all are waiting eagerly to see what the Flying-Six will do next. To know more about Chapter 979, read the following article.

One Piece Manga Chapter 979 – Details, Recap & Release Date (Spoiler Alert!)


We will see some massive action in the next few chapters. Also, the mystery behind Kaido’s son, Yamato, and the Flying-Six will be revealed. Let us wait to see what will happen next.

Stay tuned to us to know more information.