One Piece | Shocking Turn of Events | What Did Wano Arc reveal?


The One Piece manga is back to its usual release schedule, and the fans are very happy. Wano Arc continued to keep his promises and bringing out things that were not expected by the fans.

This article will be a discussion of the recent developments of the One Piece manga and may contain some spoilers. Some of the news revealing the spoilers partially were released recently. We’ll be getting the full spoilers when the release date will be near.

One Piece
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This article will also be highlighting the major events that occurred in the previous chapter, so one will be able to predict what is going to happen in the upcoming chapter.

Initially, when the Onigashima raid just began, most of the fans anticipated that this would lead to Luffy’s alliance vs. Kaido and his forces with Big Mom.

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A more of the developments came forward, and we saw other allies that were revealed in both fronts. In the latest chapter, we witnessed the discovery of the entirety of them and how does the beast pirates operate.

One of the most important events that the fans are looking for is Yamato’s conversation with Luffy, as it will be revealing those things about Kaido, that are not known by us till now.

When will the second part of One Piece, Chapter 983, be released?

The second part of Chapter 983 of One Piece is expected to be released towards the weekend. Chapter 983 will be officially released on June 21, 2024, Sunday by the VIZ media.

After the official release of the chapter, we will be looking forward to what creators have in baskets for us. Well, we don’t have much to do except to wait for the release of One Piece Chapter 983 and to see what happens in the next raid on Onigashima.

One Piece
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